Household Halloween.

If you are anything like me, you groan a little when Halloween comes around because you’ve waited until the last minute to throw together a costume! I was scrambling to get something together and did the very best I could with items in my closet! Take a look at what me and my friend Lindsay put together with pieces in the house already!

Halloween(Lindsay is Regine Chassagne from Arcade Fair and I am a Parisian)

Halloween(Luckily for Lindsay she has a bunch of pieces in her closet that are full of sparkle and shine. She put basic black pieces together and topped it with a sequined cropped jacket. She also put on purple sparkle eye shadow and teased and curled her hair to give it that rock star volume. You could easily do this at home!)

Halloween(With my obsession with all things French, it is no wonder I chose this costume. Simple- a striped turtle neck, black pants and booties, and topped off with a beret. These are pieces I had in my wardrobe and the makeup is just a little louder than I usually wear)

If you have some Household Halloween ideas or costumes, share them with us, we would love to see!

Land O’ Lakes.

Land O LakesThe lakes in California are beautiful all time of year but they’re not necessarily the warmest! With Fall quickly transitioning into Winter, it’s time to button up and get creative with your outfits!

Land O Lakes(I run hot most days so I always choose to lightly layer when the breeze hits)

Land O Lakes(This thin shirt by BCBG has the cutest jean cuffs)

Land O Lakes(It’s the little details like this out of place blue button that popped out at me)

Land O Lakes(Love these plum Forever 21 booties)

Land O Lakes

Land O LakesWinter’s coming. And we couldn’t be more excited!

Happy Halloween!

Beanie Baby.

IMG_5297OK, if you weren’t born in the ’80s ‘Beanie Baby’ may be a completely unfamiliar term which really doesn’t have anything to do with this post besides the related word ‘beanie’.  My friends and family know that I am the queen of beanies.  I love nothing more than a good knit to throw on when the temperatures start to drop.  Wouldn’t you know though, I have an entire drawer dedicated to beanies for my different outdoor needs.  Here’s my guide for beanies this fall/winter.

IMG_5322This thin knit Charlotte Russe beanie is great for being active outdoors.  It’s tight enough to stay on but also lets the top of your head breathe a little.

My Neff beanies are great for snowboarding.  Anything fitted and even that my goggles can pop right on is great.

IMG_5314Love my Free People beanie for city strolling.  The large stitch allows air to flow through nicely and it’s only gotten better the more it gets worn in.

This thick knit Forever21 beanie is the warmest and could be worn for any activity.  It also has cute small stitched hearts which adds soft detail.

Street wear Neff beanie.  This one is great because you can roll it into a good snowboarding beanie or keep it loose.

Something in the Air.

When the weather starts to get crisp and you need a warm accessory, we all run to our scarves! There are so many different types to choose from we end up picking along the lines of how we are feeling. Take a look at some of the varieties, any way you can’t go wrong!

Fringe(Have a scarf with a little fringe at the end? This is a great way to tie together a subtle look)

Fun(Bright colors always equal fun!)

fierce(Feeling fiesty? Tiger print is the way to go!)

fashionable(Leopard print never goes out of style)

flair(Add a swirl of color to create some flair for your outfit)

We love how scarves add both instant warmth and style to any outfit, maybe that’s why we have dozens!

Dock Days.

IMG_5137The cold weather has been coming in and I love this time of year because it’s a reminder of the wonderful seasons we have.  I love seeing all four seasons transition and seeing some of my favorite spots at different times of the year.  Chelsea and I were at Fallen Leaf Lake recently hanging down on the dock.  It’s the perfect time to add some layers and bask in these gorgeous Fall days.

IMG_5140(Forever21 pants, flannel, beanie, and Charlotte Russe lace boots)


(Love how clear the water is, it’s perfect)



Hope you all had a great weekend!

Avila Valley Barn.

This past weekend I was in San Luis Obispo for a beautiful barn-style wedding. During the day, Nick and his family took me to one of the coolest farms I have ever seen, Avila Valley Barn! There were pumpkins galore, corn on the cob, and tons of fun treats made by local farmers. I was in heaven!20131021-193449.jpg



20131021-193524.jpgIf you have a fun travel spot, let us know! We are always looking to see new fun destination spots!

A Dream Proposal.

Kim and KanyeI’m sure you’ve all heard Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian in a very sweet and quiet way, he rented out AT&T Park (yes, home of the San Francisco Giants), hired the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to play her favorite song “Young and Beautiful” by Lana del Rey, and finally lit up the words “Pleeease Marry Meee!!!” across the scoreboard.  Every girl dreams of how her prince will utter that magical question and much like Kim, I would be happy with something simple! Here’s what every guy should take away from the “Kimye” proposal.

1. Make it small, keep it private.


(Do you think Kanye wanted the whole world knowing how he proposed to Kim? Of course not! He couldn’t help it if the crew on-site blasted it all over social media. Lesson learned, make sure all of the hired help has been stripped of cell phone and camera privileges)

2. The ring size should be indicative of  your love for me.


(While not GIGANTIC – come on, she can still lift her finger, Kanye presented Kim with a 15-carat diamond ring. He chose to keep it classy but made it large enough to really show her he’s in it for the long haul. That’s definitely the sure sign)

3. End it subtly.

will you marry me

(After Kim said yes, Kanye filled the sky with fireworks. Nothing says “I’m hot for you” like fire!)


I mean you can really see Kimye’s true characteristics here: modesty, humility, and humbling demeanor.

Fun With Primary Colors.

Deep blue looks great with a vibrant red and when you add a pop of yellow as your background, you can’t go wrong!

Fun with Primaries

(Long sleeves with a pleated skirt is a great way to keep some warmth when the weather starts to change)

Fun with Primaries(Sweater from Forever 21, felt hat from Urban Outfitters)

Fun with Primaries(Leather crossbody from Pisa, Italy)

Fun with Primaries(Boots from Steve Madden)

While I love tights under skirts, a great substitute is a calf-high boot!

Monday Bright Blues.

With the weather cooling down, we are excited to bundle up. I love nothing more than the changing of seasons and I still love being outside as long as I’m dressed warm enough. Beanies and over-sized jackets are our favorite clothes in the winter.
IMG_5049(Charlotte Russe jacket and beanie, Forever21 pants)





Send us some of your favorite Fall photos, we want to feature you!  Send all photos to  The best photos will be posted on our site 🙂