Thankful For These.

As a sort of tradition, we would like to tell you a few things we are thankful for the day before Thanksgiving. 2013 was the year of all kinds of discoveries, things we certainly couldn’t live without and we’d like to share them with you.

1. Spanx Leggings

spanx leggings(Leggings are always a must in case all of your skinnies are in the dirty laundry or you’ve eaten one too many morning cinnamon rolls and you just don’t feel skinny enough for your skinnies. But Spanx takes it one step further and keeps everything from falling out! Could I get a little extra syrup on those waffles please?)

2. DIY Projects/ Pinterest

nail polish keys

(2013 is the year I finally started using Pinterest, every day. I found this easy DIY project using only nail polish and keys. I’ll never jingle jangle for the wrong key again! DIY projects have saved me from countless weekends with no plans and covered my living room in gold dipped feathers!)

3. Gold Spray Paint

Gold Spray Paint(I have sprayed literally everything I own in gold. Rings, branches, feathers, pumpkins, you name it, I’ve sprayed it. Once I got a little taste of what the gold could do, I couldn’t stop. If you want to spice up the look of practically anything, take it outside and cover it in gold, baby!)

4. Plum Lipstick

lipstick(Plum is the only shade of lipstick that I think looks great on everyone. It brightens your look in an instant and it’s something I am very thankful for on my pasty days!)

What are you thankful for?

We’re taking a mini vacation and see you on Monday! Have a great holiday!

Dockin’ It.

Dockin ItI love being outside and enjoying the crisp, fresh air but sometimes the weather can be a little windy and it’s hard to plan a cute yet covered outfit. Every San Franciscan knows the secret to our weather patterns, layering. I picked up this light long sleeved top not too long ago and always throw it over a simple cami. It protects me from the wind but is also light enough to keep me cool.

Dockin It

(Joe’s Jeans jeggings and a metal infused friendship bracelet)

Dockin It(This ended up being a great outfit for when we were dockin’ it)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

My friend Smita told me about this super easy and delicious breakfast recipe that I had to share with you all! If you love cinnamon rolls and waffles, you HAVE to try this. Maybe even make it for breakfast before your Thanksgiving dinner! It’s one day, right?

Cinnamon Waffle(What you need: a can of cinnamon rolls and a waffle iron)

Cinnamon Waffle(Spray or butter your waffle iron and put three cinnamon rolls in. Close for about 1 minute)

Cinnamon Waffle(Take the cinnamon roll waffle out of the iron and you’re ready to ice it)

Cinnamon Waffle(Ice and eat!)

This is so easy and a real treat. Just make sure not to make it too often!

Primary Sweater.

Primary Sweater.I recently got this new sweater from Urban Outfitters and I just love the use of primary colors here. I put together a tomboy look by pairing it with some simple blue boyfriend pants. I love how simple and cozy this outfit is, it’s also perfect for work.

Primary Sweater.(Boyfriend pants and belt, Target)

Primary Sweater.(Wrap around watch, Charlotte Russe)

Primary Sweater.

Polka Dot Scare Crow.


I love, love, love being comfortable.  Nothing says it more to me than some good leggings, a sweater, and a hat of the moment (because I love hats).  It’s always good to feel comfortable and also warm enough for running errands or being outside.

(Charlotte Russe boots, Forever21 sweater, Nordstrom’s hat)

polka dots

With the rain (and snow) on it’s way, it will be time to add layers.  In the meantime, enjoy the sweater weather!

Monday Recap: Trash the Dress!


Our beautiful friend, Francesca, was looking to “trash the dress” so I was excited at an entirely new photo challenge.  Trashing the Dress is a new thing that people do post wedding to really get unique photos they never got at their wedding or where they completely destroy the wedding dress they will never wear again (check out google image searches for “trash the dress”).  Usually at a wedding, the bride and groom are rushed on photos so they can get to their reception.  This was so much fun to venture around the city and shoot photos at some of the most scenic spots in San Francisco.  Francesca and her husband looked fantastic and we picked a beautiful day to take over the city.  Here’s a preview of some of the captures we got.

(Ocean Beach)

(Clarion Alley in the Mission)

(My favorite shot from the day)

They were so wonderful and inspiring to shoot!

Travel Friday: New Mexico.


Last weekend, my mom and I went to Albuquerque to visit my brother, his wife, and their amazing baby boy, Matthew (the most darling nephew in the entire world).  They were great tour guides and took us all around the city.  I found it to be an incredibly beautiful place and would love to go back.  I didn’t realize the altitude was over 6,000ft there but I guess that’s why they call it “high desert!”  Check out my take on Albuquerque.

(Hiking behind their house!)




(Can’t wait to share my Breaking Bad post… Let’s just say I was hot on Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s tails…)

(Sandia Peak Tram ride to the top)


(At the very top)

(I love this child so much.  My brother and Liz have the best baby in the world.)

(Those New Mexico skies.)

It was a quick trip but extremely easy from the Bay Area.  It’s always worth it to get to spend some quality time with family.


funfetti(Dress Anthropologie, Shoes Banana Republic)

I go through moods where I want to wear nothing but color and this dress is perfect when I am feeling that way. I love when a piece of clothing can have lots of color and be extremely loud but still  fun and tasteful. Here’s one of my new favorite dresses and a fun pair of flats to top it all off.