IFL’s 2013 Round Up.

Well what a year!  2013 has been great and we have tons of amazing things to reflect on.  The best things of 2013 were the memories made with friends and family, especially us besties!  Here are some IFL highlights from 2013.  Above was when we were working on updating our site.  Good friends help friends with out of place hair.

We seized the moment during a large flood while in Venice, Italy last May!

We were on-set for a One Repulic music video, “Feel Again.”

We were part of the “Harlem Shake” movement.

We met one of my favorite bands.

We were in a beer commercial!

We traveled, we laughed, we were creative, and most of all we made tons of memories.  That’s what time is all about.  Filling yours with things that matter.  I can’t wait to see what adventures we come across in 2014 and I’m thankful to have had my bestie along the way.  Bring it on 2014, Happy New Year!

Ciao 2013, you were so last year…

Balboa Island.


While in Orange County for my nephew/godson’s baptism, we got to walk around Balboa Island Saturday afternoon.  It was beautiful out and the island homes had just had a Christmas festive decoration contest.  There were a lot of fun homes to check out while cruising along the harbor.

oh hey!

So many great decorations.


Each home accommodated with their own private pier.

Looking good!


Topped off with a beautiful sunset!

New Year, New Cocktail.

The holidays aren’t over yet so grab your leftover cranberries and let’s get to mixing drinks! This Cranberry Margarita is refreshing, perfect for parties and very simple to make in bulk.

What you’ll need:

Cranberry Margarita(1.5 cups of cranberry juice cocktail, 1/2 cup of orange liquor, 3/4 cup of tequila, 1.5 cups of fresh or frozen cranberries, 1/2 cup of sugar, 3/4 cup of fresh lime juice)

Cranberry Margarita(Place all of the ingredients into a blender and top with 3 cups of ice)

Cranberry Margarita(Blend until smooth. Garnish the rim of your glass with sugar)

Cranberry Margarita(Don’t drink these too quickly, they are delicious but the buzz will go to your head rather quickly!)

Come Fly With Me.


 My brother is a pilot and has always had an extreme love for flying.  My step dad wanted to try out flying as well so my mom gave him a flight lesson for their anniversary this year.  We went along to check it out and to my surprise they asked me if I wanted to come along in the plane as well.  Of course, I hopped on this opportunity.  I love flying and find it to be very peaceful.  Snapping photos along the way, this is what I saw.

(Learning the ropes with his instructor, Justin, from Ahart Aviation)

(It was a beautiful day out)

(Mt. Diablo)


IMG_7676(We saw the blimp taking off when we were landing!)

This inspiration to fly came from my brother who is a true American hero.  He has been flying ever since he could and now is a pilot for the Air Force.  His pictures are so incredible I had to share a few.  I’m in awe of him and the things he has done. 540126_10151933937214580_94653726_n
(He and his crew flew their helicopter into Candle Stick Park (RIP) to help film the movie Contagion.  Thought I’d throw this in there since last night the last football game to be played in Candle Stick was held.)

(OK and there was a hunky actor or two…)

(My brother when he was on helicopters!  So proud)

(He will now be piloting that large plane in front – the C130)

(He’s truly seen it all.)

And now he will get to pass it onto his first born, Matthew 🙂

Hope you all had a great Christmas with your family and friends!

Baking Bad.

Every year my mom and I attempt to bake. It always ends up with us creating something completely new to the universe. It’s if fudge, it turns into this runny chocolate creation that we just pile on top of ice cream and serve that way. We are just really really bad at baking. This year we tried a couple of no bake recipes that ended up being not only edible but serve-able! We can actually give these to people and they will be excited to eat them! Yipee! Check them out!

Reindeer Treat(A reindeer treat- As cute as it is delicious)

Reindeer Treat(What you need: Marshmallows, Dark Chocolate Chips, Mini Pretzels, Candy Eyes, and Lollipop Sticks)

Reindeer Treat(Step 1: Put on your elf apron! Put a marshmallow on a stick and dip it in the melted chocolate chips)

Reindeer Treat(Step 2: Place your chocolate dipped marshmallow into two mini pretzels- for ears!)

Reindeer Treat(Step 3: Add on candy eyes and a red icing nose)

If you are looking for something even easier…

Graham Cracker Recipe(Ingredients: Graham Crackers, Dark Chocolate Chips, Candy Cane Bits)

Graham Cracker Recipe(Dip Graham Cracker cookies into melted dark chocolate and sprinkle candy cane bits on top. Cool and serve!)

No bake recipes are pretty simple and very delicious! Anything that minimizes the amount of measuring and cooking is a friend of mine! Happy Holidays and have fun baking this season!

Four Scents.

It’s kind of funny how particular people can be about fragrances but it’s true, if you don’t like a scent you really just end up hating it. I wanted to share a few that I am confident won’t make you want to back away slowly from me if I am wearing it.

Folle de Joie(Folle de Joie is one of my favorite scents that I recently discovered in my Birchbox. A very delicate scent that is an even mix of floral and citrus)

Very Hollywood(If you want to turn heads wear Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. This gardenia scent is soft but loud, don’t wear this unless you want the focus to be all on you)

(Stella by Tocca is a scent that I always get compliments on. It’s fresh with blood orange notes, it would smell great on anyone)

Vera Wang Princess(Princess by Vera Wang is fun, fruity, and floral. It’s probably a little past it’s prime but the bottle alone is kind of a gift in itself- the tops turn into rings!)


I think with whatever fragrance is your preference, we can all agree that it can’t be too powerful. Always wear something light and make sure to test it a few times to ensure that it mixes well with your natural scent.

Ocean Beach Nights.

ocean beach 1

My boyfriend lives at the beach which is amazing because it feels like vacation whenever I go over there.  The other night, I had a day where I just felt like I needed to go run around after work so we took a camera and headed down to the beach.  We had so much fun shooting photos and playing around with long exposures.  The above is the best photo we got, however we tried many other photos. Here’s a few of our “masterpieces” 🙂

unnamed(Shark fins)

ocean beach heart
(Me trying to make a perfect heart)

ocean beach

ocean beach 2We had many different results but the fun part was just being outside and being silly.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Winter Wander – Turquoise.

When it comes to inspiration, I find that I’m most inspired by colors and images.  One of the most inpiring colors is turquiose.  It repesents calm, beautiful, and has a natural feel about it.  Here are some turquoise images that I found to be inspiring this winter.

Love this seashell looking architecture.

Always day dreaming of travel.

(photo here)



What’s your color inspiration?

(All photos not tagged underneath found here.)

Favorite Animals of 2013.

As we close out another year, I wanted to recognize some of the cutest and funniest animals the internet introduced to us. While I look forward to new animals who will capture my heart, here are a few of my favorites who rocked my socks off in 2013!

Grumpy-Cat(I know it’s not right to have favorites but Grumpy Cat is totally my very very favorite! How fun is that cute little face?!)

Lil Bub(The arch nemesis of Grumpy Cat, in my mind. Lil Bub has an overactive tongue, but it’s still pretty cute)

Colonel-Meow(Colonel Meow is a house cat, not a Disney evil villain. Really funny.)

Manny-the-Frenchie(Manny and Frankie the adorable Frenchies. They are so chubby and adorable, how could you not love these two?)

(I could watch Max the Roomba Cat all day)

If you have a special pet in your life that you would like to share with us, let us know here!