Honey Baby.

There’s this magical daily deal site called Living Social and it basically convinces you that each of their deals are just too cheap to pass up. You ultimately end up doing things you never thought you would- conducting the San Francisco Symphony (one night only), Lion Taming, becoming a certified Zombie Hunter, you get it, crazy things! Well, in my and Nick’s case we decided to give bee keeping a shot. It couldn’t be that much work- find a couple of bees, stick them in a box and collect your honey. Well, bee keeping requires a little more work and a few thousand more bees, oh, and space for your hive. City dwellers generally aren’t rolling around in extra square footage, let alone backyards, so a hive is out. However, we had a great time pretending to be beekeepers and it was simply delicious!

bee keeping(Step one: Suit up!)

bee keeping(Those bees are not getting through that net!)

bee keeping(Step two: Smoke ’em out)

bee keeping(The bees will begin to leave the hive as the smoke enters. Look at this perfect honeycomb, it’s pretty cool!)

bee keeping(As you pull the sleeve out of the hive, they will still be working away. Honey bees live about 30 days and work that entire time to provide us with delicious honey!)

bee keeping(Just for fun, a few bloopers!)

Did you know, honey is the only food in the world that NEVER spoils? They found honey in some of the tombs with the Egyptian Pharaohs. Also, another fun fact to note is if you have allergies, you should have a spoonful of LOCAL honey, it is made from the same pollen that gives you allergies and ultimately helps strengthen your immunities. I’ll take any reason to eat a little more honey!

New Music Monday.

Chelsea and I love music and are always out in the city checking out shows.  Portugal. the Man is one of our favorites so of course we were not going to miss the chance to see them play at a small venue (the Mezzanine) in San Francisco.  On top of Portugal. the Man, three other fantastic bands played as well.  Churches, the NONONO, and the Colourist were the other acts of the night and the house was packed.

First to play were the Colourist!  Check out some of their songs here (my favorite is Yes Yes)

Next up was the NONONO who sang her heart out.

CHVRCHES were incredible.  I love the song “Recover”!

Making ourselves cozy in the top layer booths.


Portugal. the Man closed the night and killed it!

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String.

I know wrapping gifts can be the worst part of gift giving for some but if I have enough time, it’s actually the part that I love the most! I was trying to find creative ways to hide the identity of a gift my roommate was giving his girlfriend. After a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, here’s what I did with items I already had around the house.

Christmas Gift(I placed the gift inside of a larger box and wrapped the sides in tissue paper to keep it in place)

Christmas Gift(I used the back side of a brown paper Target bag to wrap the outside of the box)

Christmas Gift(Use extra twine or ribbon to simply wrap the outside of the box)

Christmas Gift(I cut out this design out of an old christmas bag that I had. Then used some thick stock white paper to address the gift. Instead of taping the paper to the box, use a mini clothes pin for some shabby chic flare!)

Dressing up a gift can make it extra exciting to present it to someone. If you have the time, go the extra mile this Christmas!

Lookout Over Lanikai.

IMG_6243If you frequent our site, you know how much we love the ocean and beautiful colors.  While on the island of Oahu over Thanksgiving, my friend Amanda took my parents and I on one of the most scenic and beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on.  It overlooked the most perfect beach, Lanikai.

Ridge walking.

Unbelievably perfect.



We sat on top of these old military “pill boxes” and just soaked it all in.


When in Hawaii…


Bundle Up Butter Cup.

IMG_5234It’s official, the cold weather has rolled in.  I have such a hard time staying bundle and making sure people know I’ve actually changed my clothes since I have a hard time shedding my jacket that I wear on the daily.  Here are some good sweaters and layering ideas to keep you warm!


(I layer flannels and sweaters so when the sleeves and/or collar pop out, there’s cute detailing)


(I also love adding a beanie.  The majority of heat your body generates is from your head so keep those noggins warm!)

Holiday Gift Guide.


The holidays can be hard when trying to figure out what to get your friends and family.  We’ve compiled a little gift guide for fellow busy bees that have a hard time knowing what to get the ones you appreciate in your life.

image(Fun headphones like these ones)

(Fun warm head accessories like this)

(Fun scarf from K.Michael)

(Cute tech covers like these)

(A fun scenic print you can snag from their Instagram!  Print it out and frame it for their vanity or bathroom using sites like canvaspop.com)

Hope this helps when shopping for your friends and family.  ‘Tis the season to enjoy each others company, so don’t stress over the holidays this year.  Happy shopping!

Birds Eye View.


A challenging and rewarding climb on Oahu is the Koko Head stairs.  I’m so thankful to be healthy and able but this hike is a butt kicker.  On Thanksgiving morning, my dear friend Amanda and I (along with one of her friends) headed up in the dark to the top of Koko Head to see the sunrise from a birds eye view.  It was breathtaking and a great way to give thanks to this gorgeous world we live in.  Then of course hang with family and eat lots 🙂

IMG_6349(The other sunrise hikers)

(Looking at Hawaii Kai after the first little climb)



(Enjoying the views)






This hike is a challenge but short.  You could be up and down in an hour if you were doing it just for the work out.  I love beautiful scenery though and was so happy to enjoy the views and breeze from the top with one of my closest friends.

SF Style: Meet the Designer!

K Michael

She’s a gorgeous designer from the bay area and has created her own fashion business from scratch.  Who wouldn’t want a peek inside Kristen Michael’s life?!  When not fully emersed in her work as a special education teacher, she makes time to channel her creativity.  We love her work and had a chance to catch up with her to chat about K Michael Style.

1) When did you start designing?
I’ve always had my hands in projects since I was young, but I really started experimenting more after graduating college.  I was making reconstructed clothing from vintage pieces, which soon morphed to making jewelry and scarves.

2) What are your favorite fashion concepts? (90’s grunge, bohemian, etc)
I would have to say a blend of bohemian & edgy.
3) What inspires you outside of fashion?
People who love what they do and those that are happy with very little is something that truly inspires me.
4) What’s the best advice you’ve received about starting your own fashion business?
Be more confident in your product and stop being so shy!  (Marketing is not my strong suit)

5) What’s the most challenging thing about having your own business?
Time.  I am a full time special ed teacher so finding time is my biggest challenge currently.  I always think if I had more time I could do this and that….my to-do list for K.Michael is constantly growing.

6) How would you describe your own style?
I love street style.  Mixing hard and soft, for example ripped jeans with a silk printed blouse and boots, accessorized w/ long layered delicate necklaces and a couple rings (I love rings).

7) Who’s your dream client?
Solange and Nicole Richie

8) Your work seems to be geometric, do you enjoy architecture as well?
It may sound contrary but nature and big cities are two environments that feed my creativity.

9) What’s a great website you visit daily/weekly?
I used to visit multiple fashion blogs but my visits have turned to pinterest, it’s a one stop shop when you don’t have hours to scour the internet.

10) When is your next trunk show/where can we get your jewelry?
Next show:
Holiday in the Vineyards in Livermore @ Charles R. Vineyards
Or host your own trunk show with your freinds or co-workers!
To set one up email me at kmichael002@yahoo.com
instagram @kmichaelstyle and facebook.com/kmichaelstyle for shows, events and new designs!
Thanks for taking a minute to catch up with us!  We have a few favorites of ours that we wanted to share, check ’em out below!
(It’s also great to layer them!)
(She also makes great scarves!)
Kristen makes beautiful pieces that we love and love sharing with people!

Cable Knit Lux

I love love love cable knit! The chunky sweater pattern is my absolute favorite for winter and I have been wearing it ever since the temperature started dipping. I know most people think cable knit can be frumpy but I think it is a lot of fun if updated with a little flare!

Cable Knit(One of my favorite sweaters purchased a few years ago at Anthropologie)

Cable Knit(Add in a chunky necklace to add a little color)

Cable Knit(Chunky infinity scarf warms up the simplest outfits)

Cable Knit(Love my new sweater from Anthropologie, look at those sleeves)

Cable KnitStay warm and fashionable this winter with my favorite, cable knit!