Pizza, Pizza!

This past weekend, Brittany and I checked out the infamous Treasure Island Flea Market for the very first time ever! I think of flea markets like a treasure hunt, you have to run around and dig for that rare jewel. It’s so much fun and it was the most perfect day filled with sun, goodies, and pizza! I don’t eat pizza that often but I love it when I do! Brittany and I found the cutest traveling wood fired pizza truck that I would say is as good if not better than any thin crust pizza I have had in North Beach!

Paul's Rustic Oven(Hmm, which one should we choose?)

Paul's Rustic Oven(Don’t get too close, this oven gets HOT!)

Paul's Rustic Oven(If only I could take this on my camping trips)

Paul's Rustic Oven(Personal pepperoni pizza, yes please!)

Paul's Rustic OvenIt was the perfect pause to a day of gem hunting!

Tahoe – IFB??

While lunch may be the most fitting time for an escape, there is also Breakfast (IFB = It’s Finally Breakfast) which can be just as important.  Me without coffee on some days is just not what anyone wants to be around…  So from time to time I will frequent the virtual space that is our blog with some of my favorite coffee shops from different destinations.  The first to grace these “pages” is the Tahoe House in the beautiful North Lake Tahoe.  Not only do they have amazing coffee but they also have sweet treats of all kinds.  Every time I head to Tahoe I make sure to pick up some goodies to bring home.

It’s located right near Tahoe City on HWY 89.

They have all sorts of treats.

My favorite besides the coffee of course is all of the baked goods.

On Me, On You.

Floral jacket
I recently went to Target for toothpaste and oops, I did it again.  I may have ended up with a little bit more than toothpaste.  Like this floral jacket shown above.  I love the pattern (I’ve really been digging any floral prints lately) and cut of it so I swooped it up.  Chelsea and I love sharing clothes but have two different body types.  With an awesome staple piece like this, we can easily share because it compliments both of our bodies in different ways!

(I wear the jacket open because I’m broader up top)

(Chelsea can wrap the jacket because she is much thinner up top)

Both ways the jacket looks cute and allows for any body type to rock.  Next time you head to target to pick up the mundane daily things, don’t forget to wander off path 🙂

Slicked Back.


I recently picked up this awesome and incredibly comfortable top from Anthropology (thanks to my mom for the Anthro bucks!).  So while Chelsea and I were getting ready for our flea market extravaganza this past weekend, we got down to business.  I pulled my hair back and dressed comfy for island perusing.

(Still rocking my K. Michael Style necklace.  I love it!)

(Forever 21 cut out booties)



Boots and comfy long sleeves are the perfect pair!

Sunshine Sheer.

Sunshine SheerI picked up this simple dress at H&M with a great sheer bottom detail. Lately it has been 70+ degrees in San Francisco so I have actually been able to wear it is January. I put on this floppy hat to shield my face from the sun, I can’t believe I am saying that about Winter in San Francisco!

Sunshine Sheer(Take this dress into the light and you will see how sheer it is)

Sunshine Sheer

Sunshine SheerI love that this is an easy way for me to wear a minidress without feeling too exposed!

What’s Your Frequency?

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art had an amazing exhibit by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, our shadows projected onto a wall that was playing all of our local frequencies. You moved around trying to pick up your favorite.
RAFAEL LOZANO-HEMMER(Behind the scenes


RAFAEL LOZANO-HEMMER(Having a little fun)


RAFAEL LOZANO-HEMMERThe SFMOMA is closed for a renovations but when it re-opens I am sure they will have some equally as amazing exhibitions.

Saint Emilion, Bordeaux.

Piggybacking off of yesterday’s post, I wanted to share my experience in Saint Emilion where I got to visit some of France’s oldest wineries and city as well.

St Emilion(Chateau L’Arrosee is a more modern style winery with a very simple exterior)

Chateau L'Arrosee(Chateau L’Arrosee vines)

St Emilion(Chateau-Figeac, one of the most beautiful estates I have ever seen)

St Emilion(They paint the barrels red with the wine in order to mark it)

St Emilion(Some of France’s oldest vines)

St Emilion(Yes, that’s a good year!)

St Emilion(St. Emilion, a medieval city with cobblestone steps, it was magical)

If you get to France, make sure you visit Bordeaux and see the oldest vines in the country.

Wine Country.

This past weekend, my family, Rob, and I headed to wine country for the day since my mom had won a winery tour with the owner himself at Rombauer winery.  It was very interesting to see exactly what happens from vine to wine.

My mom in front of the grape crates and de-stemming machine.

K. R. Rombauer.

That’s a wholeeeee lot of wine.

Show me the money wine!



The wine caves were so cool!

A little tasting.


It was a beautiful day!


I don’t know much about wine but visiting a winery is all about the experience.  Being in beautiful wine country is very relaxing and the drive through Napa alone is worth the visit.

Berner Love.


My parents got a Bernese Mountain Dog (aka “Berner”) at the beginning of Summer and I’m just in love with her.  She’s large, goofy, and oh so lovable.  Her name is Genny, short for Genevieve, and she’s the best.  With this whacky “winter” weather, we’ve been able to enjoy some outdoor weather together!



My mom and I took Genny up in these hills to let her run around a bit.  It’s always nice to let the dogs run free and see that big, tongue wagging smile.

Cocktail Couture.

Cocktail CoutureNotice a theme lately? I have been loving my cocktails and cocktail dresses. Any excuse I can find to dress up, I will use! Even as I write this post, I am sitting on the couch with a pint of Rocky Road in my hand wearing a cocktail dress because I think ice cream time should be dress up time! Lots of people opt for black when getting dolled up and I get it, it looks great on everyone! But I found this sequined gem at Anthropologie over the holidays and my fabulous mom got it for me! My new go-to for any fancy party!

Cocktail Couture(Ranna Gill at Anthropologie) don’t do it justice, this dress sparkles!!)

Cocktail Couture(My new sequined beauty courtesy of Brittany!)

Cocktail CoutureI am inspired to host an hors d’oeuvres party, wanna come? Cocktail attire, of course!