Breaking Brittany.

imageI was late on the Breaking Bad train so yes, maybe I’m a Breaking Bad bandwagon watcher but it didn’t stop my obsession for such an amazingly written show.  The plot never stopped my mind questioning and wondering, trying to dissect these characters that you want so badly to figure out.  Let’s be honest though, it would be terrible if we could relate to drug dealers, right?  Anyway, my brother, his wife, and their baby live in Albuquerque right now so when my mom and I went to visit, OF COURSE I wanted to see these monumental places that were staple set locations for this incredible series.
Breaking Bad ep 509, shot on 12/7/12 by Ursula Coyote(Remember how Walt and Skylar’s house was destroyed at the end of the series?  Well you can tell from my photo below, it was all just an act of course.)

(See, it’s in one piece.)

(The beloved carwash…)

(It’s HUGE!)

(Inside the carwash is a homage to the Breaking Bad cast)

(Remember this stuff?  Their bread and butter and life destroyer?)

(You can buy some in the sugar candy form from the Candy Lady in downtown Albuquerque!  I snuck this photo of their back room and I loved that they keep the candy in bulk tubs like Walt and Jesse keep the drugs in the show.)

It’s a small place but I found that the candy lady had the best Breaking Bad gifts.  They had t-shirts, the blue “meth,” and lots of other Breaking Bad things!

(Sigh, Hank and Marie’s house…. So many thoughts about Hank but I won’t ruin it for any other late Breaking Bad viewers)

(Found it!)

It was totally worth spending half a day driving around and seeing such important places from Breaking Bad.  I wish I would have seen it all while the show was filming.  If you haven’t gotten into it and like action movies, you would probably enjoy following this story line.  Not because seeing terrible things happen is fun but because you see the transformation of a good person turning bad.  Breaking Bad if you will.

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