And The Winner Is…

Yes, this is an Academy Awards post. I know, this is super exciting because we all love movies, fashion, and Hollywood, right? Well, I saw TWO of the best picture nominations and felt I should give my expert opinion on who and what I thought deserves the Oscar most! Here goes it, without further ado Chelsea’s Oscar Picks!!

Best Actor:

leo(Leo, obvi. He was AMAZING in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and he just deserves the Oscar for that alone. Wolf of Wall Street  was pretty good so let’s just give it to him)

Best Actress:

AMY ADAMS(Amy Adams. I didn’t see any of the movies that these actresses are nominated for so I just have to go with my gut here. The fact that Amy Adams is nominated for Best Actress after stealing our hearts in Enchanted, well, let’s just give it her)

Best Cinematography:

nebraska(Nebraska, I didn’t know this was even a movie but the fact that they could make a film about a state nobody knows or wants to know anything about is truly incredible. I must see it immediately.)

Best Costume Design:

Invisible Woman(The Invisible Woman. Wow, just wow! Look at that! I’m super into Harry Potter, especially when he is using the invisibility cloak for mischief so this is right up my alley. I am sure casting was easy because they could pretty much hire anyone for this part but to make a costume that is invisible, that is crazy!)

Best Visual Effects:

hobbit-desolation-smaug-trailer(The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Those men aren’t really that tiny, that bridge isn’t really there, that is not a real waterfall. BOOM! Oscar winner!)

Grab your popcorn, take your seats, lights, camera, ACTION! The Oscars are upon us and I couldn’t be more excited!

Repurpose, Reuse.

RepurposeI had this candle that I absolutely loved, once I had burnt it to the ground I realized that I like the glass holder it sat in and decided to keep it repurpose it to hold my lip gloss and sticks!

Repurpose(Start with a finished candle set in glass)

Repurpose(Boil some water and pour slowly into the glass)

Repurpose(The wax will melt, scoop out with a spoon and toss the wax. Pour out the hot water and clean out the inside with a wet paper napkin. Fill with more water until you remove all of the wax)

Repurpose(Voila, so easy! Now, I have all of my lipsticks and gloss contained in one pretty place!)

Nailed It.

Weekend CasualI came up with this geometric nail when I tried painting a half moon shape but found a triangle much easier! Here’s how you do it!

Nailed It(You will need: one light color, one dark color, and a top coat)

Nailed It(Paint your entire nail with the lighter color first- I chose sparkle, naturally)

Nailed It(Take your darker color, start from the bottom corner of your nail and paint a diagonal strip. Repeat from the other corner and then fill in the rest with color)

Nailed It(Finish with your top clear coat)

Nailed ItI love this design because it looks intricate but is actually really easy to do. Happy painting!

DIY: You’re So Clutch.

DIY ClutchI am in love with my new homemade clutch! It’s a pretty simple thing to make too! I started off trying to make something that was outside of my sewing skill level and came up with this version instead- it’s perfect for beginners!

DIY ClutchWhat you’ll need: A long strip of leather or pleather, a skinny strip and a square piece of the same material, sewing machine (or needle and thread), rhinestones and rhinestone glue (optional).

DIY Clutch(Step 1: Fold your long piece of leather in half, make sure it is flush. Pin in place)

DIY Clutch(Step 2: Fold the material in half and sew an end seam on each side)

DIY ClutchDIY Clutch(Step 3: Once you have the two ends sewed together to make a long open bag, take a blade and make a small slit in the middle of the material)

DIY Clutch(Step 4: Take your square piece of leather and cut slits up until about 3/4 of the way up)

DIY Clutch(Step 5: Put glue on the top 1/4 of the fabric)

DIY Clutch(Step 6: Insert the long strip of leather through the slit you created, fold it in half and wrap the square material around it to create a tassel)

Suspender TrendingThere you have it! It couldn’t be easier! I added rhinestones to mine in the shape of my and Nick’s constellation signs, it adds a little something special and unique to my creation. Make your own with any sturdy fabric!

Weekend Casual.

Weekend CasualThe weekends are all about throwing on the first thing you see and rushing out the door, this outfit is a perfect example of that. This button up was fresh out of the dryer and these flats were thrown in the corner of my room. Ah, the perfect weekend outfit!

Weekend Casual(Geometric nail DIY coming soon)

Weekend Casual(Kate Spade over the shoulder purse, simple and classic look in black)

Weekend Casual(Anthropologie pants with velvet lining inside, my new go-to’s)

Weekend Casual(Cheetah print flats from the Gap)

Weekend CasualHave fun on the weekends and mix and match because if you feel good, you look good!

SF Secret Spot.


I love to explore and when I moved to San Francisco, I had an entirely new map to discover.  Anytime I see a place that looks out of the norm for it’s area, like this mound in the middle of a neighborhood, I go check it out.  I couldn’t tell you what this place is called but it was a great place to take a moment and look around.

Winding Up.

Or you can take the stairs.


The bench even has a “B” on it for Brittany.


IMG_8341There she is, that beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.



Many more “Secret Spot” editions to come from San Francisco!

Suspender Trending.

Suspender TrendingOne trend I always loved in middle and high school was suspenders. Now that is seems to be trending again, I fell in love with this suspender mini skirt. I paired it with a simple full neck tank, black tights, and my new leopard flats from the Gap. Clutch DIY coming soon!

Suspender TrendingThis simple look is fun and youthful, perfect for the office or weekend!

Most people are out on suspenders but I love them because they are effortless!

European Chocolate.

Who doesn’t love chocolate?!  While Shannon and I were in Holland for a music festival we found a place that met every chocolate need we could have.  We only needed one of these little squares to fill up since they were so rich.  Of course we got different kinds and shared so we could taste the flavors.  Nothing makes me happier than trying new things and that includes chocolate!

The perfect marriage.

Each chocolate had a really intricate photo on it.

Testing, testing!

Shannon with her chocolate 🙂  Look at the image on that piece, such beautiful chocolates.


My brother, who is a pilot, would love this one.



When in Holland, don’t forget to take a bite of their amazing chocolate!