Magical Mystery Bus.

Treasure Island FleaOne of our favorite vendors at the Treasure Island Flea Market was this teal blue school bus filled to the brim with second hand clothes. I am pretty sure it was manned by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros which was pretty cool too! There were so many things to choose from and it was just a lot of fun walking around and picking through all of the clothing.

Treasure Island Flea Market(A closer look at the bus drivers)

Treasure Island Flea(I thought this denim jacket had potential, maybe a new DIY project?)

Treasure Island Flea(Brittany fell in love with this sparkling jacket)

Treasure Island Flea(Take a good look at everything before you decide, make sure that you will actually wear it before you pull the trigger and purchase it)

Treasure Island Flea(A space for everything)

Treasure Island Flea(Inside the bus, we dived even deeper)

Treasure Island Flea(I think our photographer was getting a little antsy!)

Overall, it was one of the most creative setups that we saw at the Flea Market! We’ll check it out next time and see if we can score any good finds!


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