Sochi Life.

You may have noticed that we missed a post on Wednesday and we are so sorry for that, we have just had very limited access to internet here in Sochi. We’ve been having the time of our life courtesy of our sponsor Eat Cookies For Breakfast and wanted to share some of our favorite moments with you!

Tropical-Spot(We heard Sochi was one of Putin’s favorite “tropical” spots and therefore only packed shorts and swim suits. Luckily, someone loaned us some of these cool rainbow colored wind breaker suits!)

Sochi Hotel(Our hotel room lost our reservation but they did have some open space in the hallway with one blanket and pillow. Brittany tried to keep warm with her bourbon but instead kept me up all night with drunk laughter, I guess she was making the most of it!)

Sochi Tap Water(The receptionist at our igloo let us know the water was unsafe to drink so we decided to hit the bars and rehydrate with ice cold brewskis instead!)

Sochi Olympics(We scored some discounted tickets to a new event but turns out “Zamboni” is the ice cleaning machine and not a sport, no wonder they were so cheap…)

We are so excited for the 2014 Sochi Olympics to get started! Go USA!

2 thoughts on “Sochi Life.

  1. Oh goodness. You have NO IDEA how I wish I was there to share this adventure with you two beauties. Keep the stories coming. And I’m wondering if the Zamboni driver is now yoru new best friend in Sochi? When you love snow, the places you can go.

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