Polka Dot Spot.

DSC_1835This is my all time favorite maxi because it has such a decorative top, people don’t usually peg it as a dress. It also reminds me of something out of the twenties and I really love the look and feel of that era. The polka dots are a lot of fun too, it’s a really fun dress with a lot of character.


 (Dress, Anthropologie)

DSC_1843(A closer look of the top and skirt portion)


(Slit in the back)


Moss Landing Market.


After whale watching, we hit the most amazing fresh market in Moss Landing.  We loaded up on Fruits, Veggies, and of course candy!  Such a great way to end the long weekend.  Definitely worth stopping by on the way home from a trip!






Definitely didn’t leave empty handed.  We ended up with all sorts of goodies!

Seas the Day.


Over this past holiday weekend, my boyfriend and I went on THIS awesome whale watching trip out of Moss Landing.  I had done quite a bit of research before heading out and was so thankful for that because we definitely chose the right tour.  We left from Moss Landing and within 10 mins of leaving the harbor, we were seeing whale spouts left and right.  Most of the other tours that we saw on the water had to travel at least an hour to arrive where we were which was much appreciated because the swells were massive (aka do NOT go if you get even the slightest form of sea sickness).  Our tour ended up seeing countless amounts of whales (literally couldn’t count how many we saw) and we really felt it was the most ideal day to see the beautiful humpback whales.

Cute sea lions were everywhere!

Sea Otter inspecting this man fishing.


So much wildlife just leaving the harbor!

Sun bathing 🙂

Perfect beach weather.

Initial spout sighting.

Beautiful humpback whale tail.

Two humpbacks going for a dive.

Gives great perspective to the size of these whales.  Can you spot the sea lion to the right of the tail?  This whale was extremely large.  Also, that was another whale watching boat that must have been rocking with the massive swells.



We saw countless whales and enjoyed a lovely day on the ocean minus a few large swell dips.  If you love nature and photography, this is the trip for you!  Just make sure to research seasons to make sure it’s the right time of year for the types of whales you’d like to see 🙂

Summer Stripes.

When the weather gets a little warmer, that is when I love to wear my white jeans. Surprisingly, my favorite pair have come from Forever 21 for only $9.80!

IMG_9134(Top from H&M, Jeans from Forever 21, Heels from H&M)

IMG_9138(I love the long back to this trapeze top)

IMG_9139(Pop of color with these pointy heels)

IMG_9140(Add in some orange lipstick and you have a great summer palate)

I love the casual dress of summertime but I wish the city was a bit less windy these days!

Summer Salad Lettuce Cups.

With this heat wave we are experiencing, the only thing I want to eat is either fruit or salad! Everything else is just too hot! I whipped up this delicious and super easy dinner the other night, it is SO REFRESHING. Enjoy!

Summer Salad Lettuce Wraps(Fruit you’ll need: kumquats- or something tart, an assortment of tomatoes, nectarines, watermelon)

Summer Salad Lettuce Wraps(Other essentials: chopped basil, butter lettuce, goat cheese crumbles, olive oil- not pictured)

Summer Salad Lettuce Wraps(Chop each of the fruits and combine in a bowl. Add a splash of olive oil and mix)

Summer Salad Lettuce Wraps(Add in the goat cheese crumbles and chopped basil)

Summer Salad Lettuce Wraps(Serve in butter lettuce cups)

I love lettuce wraps and this is probably the easiest one that I have come up with. If you want to add in some protein, I would suggest cold seasoned chicken strips.

Black and White Stripes.


One of my bosses gave me this adorable dress from a fabric show she attended and I absolutely love it!  It’s so simple but funky with the mix and match direction of stripes.  I added some Charlotte Russe cage shoes and a cardigan to seal the outfit.  Sometimes you don’t need to add any color to put together a fun outfit.




I threw on some Kate Spade sunnies and did a full side swoop with my hair.

Morning Fuel.

This simple breakfast recipe will give you the energy you need to power through your morning and make it to lunch without being a hungry grump! It only takes a few minutes and it is simply delicious!

Morning Fuel(What you’ll need: almond or peanut butter, one banana, a slice of  wheat bread, a handful of granola, and a spoonful of honey)

Morning Fuel(Toast the wheat bread and spread the almond butter across the top. Sprinkle the granola to the top. This gives it a tasty crunch)

Morning Fuel(Add slices banana pieces to the top)

Morning Fuel(Drizzle the spoonful of honey)

Morning FuelThe end result is so delicious and very filling! Also, it couldn’t be easier, it’s just fancy toast!

Take Me Back to Pisa.

It’s been a year since our Italy trip and one of our best days was spent in Pisa. We explored the small city, grabbed a few cappuccinos, a wine spritzer, some questionable pizza, and just had an overall blast.Pisa Italy(The wall of the city has an arch that give you a peek into the Tower, we were so excited when we found it!)

Pisa Italy(It was the most perfect weather we could have asked for. Also, all of the buildings are pristine; so white and clean)

Pisa Italy(I wonder if we were the first ones to think of doing this)

Pisa Italy(We visited a museum within the walls and I loved seeing these statues. An invading city chopped off all of their noses)

Pisa Italy(Inside the Duomo)

DSC_0306We had such a great time, I can’t believe it has been a year already! Time flies when you are having fun!

Day and Night.

There are tons of pieces in our closets that can be worn during the day and shifted a bit to work for night too. Here’s a new dress that I picked up at Anthropologie by the brand Saturday, Sunday. It’s super soft and comfortable which makes it great for day or night wear!

Day Night(Pop on some colorful sandals and it’s such an easy thing to walk out the door in)

Day Night(The double pony tail is a great way to keep your hair back, and pay some homage to your youth)

Day Night(It’s finally flip flop time! I always pick up a pair at Old Navy, they are only $2!)

Day Night(Hair down and paired with my favorite mules for night)

Day Night(Add a red lip too)

Day Night(Ombre nails are fun for day or night- I want to try grey next)

Day Night(Really chunky heeled mules are my go to for some height at the moment, I can’t handle a thin heel and I love how bold these are)

A simple change like letting your hair down and/or changing up your shoes can really change the way a dress can feel.