Geometric Dress.

DSC_1858During a recent weekend in San Diego, I hopped over to the Forever 21 across the street from the US Grant where we were staying. I must say, San Diego has the best selection of summer dresses as they have extremely warm weather. I found this great dress and have gotten countless compliments when wearing it. Similar dress is here and here.

DSC_1863(I love this fun tribal print)


DSC_1864(Metal tipped flats from Charlotte Russe)

DSC_1865The pleats in this dress and the thick pieces of material make this dress look and feel more expensive than it actually is. I really love it, it’s one of my favorite summer purchases so far!

Weekly Find: Embroidered Shorts

IMG_9751We found these great fringed jean shorts with embroidered detail at Charlotte Russe’s sample sale. While we are unsure if they will make it to their stores, we are finding this trend all over and we really love it for summer! Some of our favorites are here and here. They’d also make a great DIY project too, maybe add some beads and/or sequins and you will have a unqiue piece to show off to friends.

“Whatever’s in the Fridge” Dinner.

Ahhh, Sunday. Lazy, lazy Sunday. It’s the day you don’t want to spend one second in the grocery store but unfortunately you have to eat somehow! This Sunday, I scavenged through the refrigerator and created something using what I had in the crisper drawer. Luckily, Nick subscribes to a vegetable delivery service who delivers us fresh fruit and veggies every other week. I happened to have a few items left over and this was what I whipped up, it was actually very tasty!

DSC_1852(I began by sauteeing fingerling potatoes and adding a pinch of salt and pepper. Once those were almost finished, I added in a handful of grape tomatoes and cooked them just until they were about to burst)

DSC_1854(I boiled fresh green beans and carrots)

DSC_1855(I added some feta cheese to white basmati rice that I had just cooked)

DSC_1856(Finally, I tossed them all together and added some fresh avocado on top for good measure)

This was a very filling and healthy meal that didn’t take more than 20 minutes from start to finish. I love when dishes turn out to be surprisingly delicious!

San Diego: Balboa Park

Hands down, my favorite place to be in San Diego is Balboa Park. When I had a day to myself I would often drive there and spend the day visiting the museums, watching a free concert, grabbing a sandwich and making a picnic on the lawn near the bocce court. If you haven’t been there, then you haven’t experienced San Diego’s true gem. On a recent weekend trip back I took Nick to the Museum of Man, the Timken Museum, and of course the Botanical Gardens. Here’s a bit of that gorgeous sunny day!

DSC_1834(Mallards  swimming through the koi pond outside of the Botanical Gardens)

DSC_1845(Botanical Gardens)

DSC_1843DSC_1841(Unique orchid)

DSC_1842(Feeling like we were in a jungle)

DSC_1849(A beautiful  iron detail outside of the Timken. I love the 60’s feel)

We had a ton of fun that trip, checking out new sites and even having a front row seat to the fireworks unexpectedly! One place I always need to see when I am there is Balboa Park and if you are lucky enough to be there during Winter, you have to check out December Nights in Balboa Park!

Travel Thursday.


Over the weekend, my friend Emily and I picked a place on the map and decided to meet up there for the day.  We grabbed our guys and some floaties to take off for our own lake for the day.  I’d share where this location is except then it wouldn’t be ours anymore now, would it?  My best suggestion is check out a map and pick a spot.  Start an adventure 🙂

We had to take some backroads so it’s a good thing Emily and Matt have a truck that can cruise over anything!

The clouds looked like they were coming in so we weren’t sure what sort of weather we’d end up with.

But we kept going and ended up with a lake stealing the only sunshine of the day.  We had awesome weather and it was fun to float while watching the storm pass by.

It was beautiful.  We even saw a beaver swimming playfully around.

Happy place.




Meadows, lakes, and gorges.  What a beautiful day!


Where is your next adventure taking you?

SF Yogi.

I’ve become addicted to yoga ever since joining the rock climbing gym a while back.  A friend got me into climbing and when I saw the gym had yoga for climbers I was excited to sign up.  It’s become part of my routine and I’m so thankful to have found such amazing classes!  Once I realized yoga and climbing were part of my weekly routine, I knew I needed to add some fun to my work out wardrobe.  A good friend of mine suggested Onzie yoga apparel and my awesome boyfriend got me a pair of their killer peacock yoga leggings for my bday.  I’m obsessed, they are definitely a good yoga pant and they have so many fun patterns!

Yoga has been so good for my mind and body.  Every new pose that comes into my practice that I wasn’t able to do before, reminds me that in time and with a lot of practice, you can achieve more.

Balance and strength are two of my favorite things to work on.

To all my fellow yogi’s, what are your favorite workout brands?!

Cardi Lovin’.

IMG_9813San Francisco has a perpetual 1 0’clock “breeze” which can make summertime a bit irritable. My solution is to always layer because you can never tell when the weather is going to turn from sunshine magic to a pre-hurricane like wind storm in a matter of minutes. A cardigan is the lightest solution that I have stashed in my purse at all times, you just have to prepared!

IMG_9814(This bowler hat is perfect for windy days)

IMG_9815(Basic striped cardigan from Madewell paired with bright red shorts from Banana Republic)

IMG_9816(Franco Sarto flats)


Simple Sunglass Guide

Brittany and I have a hefty collection of sunglasses, ranging from cheapies to designer. But let’s be real, mostly cheapies! Here’s a basic guide to pairs that look good on most anybody.

Untitled-1(Aviators. Brittany has a grab-n-go pair with a bold reflection. My Marc Jacobs pair is a little oversized without the rim and reflection. Both are great for all face shapes)

Untitled-2(Animal Print. These are wild and should be worn on the weekends!)

Untitled-3(Olive Green. The color of the moment. Whether they are Brittany’s Gucci’s or my heart shaped pair, this color looks good on everyone)

Untitled-4(Classic. Brittany has the tortoise shell wayfarer shaped glasses. And I have the retro Kate Spades. Both pairs are a lot of fun in these classic shapes)

img_9761(Unique. And then there are the bold shades that really stand out, but in all honesty, these aren’t for everyone! Only attempt this style when you are looking for some attention!)

There you have it, there are so many shape and colors to choose from, we know there is the perfect pair out there for you!

Easy Breezy

IMG_9840Brittany gave me this great dotted chevron print top from Charlotte Russe the other day. We were so lucky to have an actual day of summer weather in San Francisco, that I decided to pair it with my new pair of white shorts (Old Navy). I think this is a very simple and comfortable outfit for the breezy summer days.

IMG_9839(Close up of the print)

IMG_9843I am loving these silky tops, they really dress up a casual outfit!


Marin Headlands.


Rob and I spent one Friday evening in the Marin headlands just wandering through all the beauty it has to offer.  It was a gorgeous night as people were fleeing the bay area and we took full advantage of a desolate staycation.  In this situation, we claimed the mountains as ours and just soaked it all in.


Follow me here.


Ocean breeze.

Rob snapping photos with my dad’s vintage film canon camera.

Can you spy?

Summer nights, le sigh.

Tunnel back to the other side.


It was a perfect night!