Chelsea and I started this journey as a humor blog because we both tend to be what other people often call “ridiculous”. But, we just see it as having a good time.  In honor of all the fun we’ve had together over the past few years, I thought I’d share some our best outtakes.  The above is from when we hit up the post-Halloween sale at a nearby drug store and scored these two $1 wigs.  We fooled not only people on the streets but our family members as well.

(Our costume choices for the Harlem Shake movement we participated in.)

(The moment we both tried on the same headband and turned around to realize we had picked the same one!)

(7/11 is TODAY, go get your free slurpeeeeees!)

(Outside Lands with Geographer!)

photo (1)(We were the opening act for Karmin at the CBS studios. Hey, we didn’t get boo’d off!)

(Graceful pool days.)

(Where we shot our Fall outfits last year.  It was beautiful in Tahoe.)

This blog might seem all about fashion and although we do love fashion, to me it means much more.  It’s us collaborating creatively and giving us the opportunity to express ourselves in our own way.  We’ve road tripped to awesome locations, spent all afternoon and had not one successful photo, stood in beautiful marshy places even if our feet were soaked just to get a beautiful picture, baked for a post and then eaten the entire results while watching girly television, and we’ve been able to complete projects while sharing different feedback.  People say friends cannot work together but I think that we are the proof that they absolutely can.  Through all of the hard work we have also had A LOT of fun.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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