Can’t Get Enough of Maxi’s!


I should just live in a maxi since they seem to be my main go to when the weather permits.  This one is the perfect material that allows for warm and cold weather.  I love hats as well so I try to wear one whenever possible to cover my face from the sun.  When you love to be outside as much as I do, it’s important to take care of your skin!




Add some flats or flip flops and you are set for the day!

Something About Sequins.

IMG_9782When I was younger all I wore was silver but as I got older I fell in love with rose gold and pretty much all of my (costume) jewelry is in some shade of gold. I think it pops in a fun way and doesn’t tarnish nearly as quickly as sterling silver. I’m getting off track here, what I mean to say is that gold sequins are beautiful and is what initially attracted me to this sheer top. I instantly knew it would look great with this mustard pencil skirt I had been frustrated with, it was so difficult to find something that complement it.

IMG_9778(I picked this thin top up at the Abercrombie & Fitch outlet, for only $2.99!)

IMG_9784(H&M Skirt, Charlotte Russe rings)

IMG_9783(I love how versatile the top is, it is great paired with jeans for a lively day outfit or paired with a pencil skirt or skinny black pants for the evening)

IMG_9782I completed the outfit with a pair of cheetah print flats from Gap. I always love picking up a fun piece and being able to wear it multiple ways, the price tag wasn’t too shabby either!



Chelsea and I started this journey as a humor blog because we both tend to be what other people often call “ridiculous”. But, we just see it as having a good time.  In honor of all the fun we’ve had together over the past few years, I thought I’d share some our best outtakes.  The above is from when we hit up the post-Halloween sale at a nearby drug store and scored these two $1 wigs.  We fooled not only people on the streets but our family members as well.

(Our costume choices for the Harlem Shake movement we participated in.)

(The moment we both tried on the same headband and turned around to realize we had picked the same one!)

(7/11 is TODAY, go get your free slurpeeeeees!)

(Outside Lands with Geographer!)

photo (1)(We were the opening act for Karmin at the CBS studios. Hey, we didn’t get boo’d off!)

(Graceful pool days.)

(Where we shot our Fall outfits last year.  It was beautiful in Tahoe.)

This blog might seem all about fashion and although we do love fashion, to me it means much more.  It’s us collaborating creatively and giving us the opportunity to express ourselves in our own way.  We’ve road tripped to awesome locations, spent all afternoon and had not one successful photo, stood in beautiful marshy places even if our feet were soaked just to get a beautiful picture, baked for a post and then eaten the entire results while watching girly television, and we’ve been able to complete projects while sharing different feedback.  People say friends cannot work together but I think that we are the proof that they absolutely can.  Through all of the hard work we have also had A LOT of fun.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Suspended Fashion.

DSC_1819My gorgeous co-worker Jackie has the most amazing sense of style. She is always put together and I admire how effortless her outfits always look (while in reality a lot of thought goes into each piece)! Here’s a breakdown of my favorite outfit of hers.

DSC_1821(Lace top by Black Swan, suspenders by H&M, pants by BCBG Max Azria)

DSC_1824(Jelly heels by Mel Dreamed by Melissa. These are waterproof, perfect for that rainy San Francisco weather!)

DSC_1828(Watch by Daniel Wellington. Jackie rounds out her accessories with a slim pinky ring and a vintage style floral ring)

DSC_1830Jackie is sophisticated with perfect hair to match! Her classic style makes looking good seem simple and in a city like San Francisco, it’s hard to not be inspired!

Bold Prints.

IMG_9889On my very first trip to New York ever, I made it into a very packed Zara in SoHo and found this awesome dress. I absolutely love the print and mod feel, not to mention the cool middle pockets that I usually only find on sweatshirts. Another fun fact about this dress, Lena Dunham was recently wearing it while shooting the new season of Girls.


(Perfectly paired blue chandelier earrings- Charlotte Russe. Notice the boxy sleeves, I love these!)


(Awesome pocket detail and a  playful coral costume ring)

IMG_9892(My new obsession, these slip on flats- Franco Sarto)


This is a great dress to slip on when the weather starts to heat up. The cut is simple but unique and I always gravitate towards anything that flares a bit. It’s a great dress for my build!

Sheer Length.

I picked up this long, sheer kimono at a sample sale and find it a great thing to toss in my bag when packing.  It can make shorts and a tank look much more put together while also covering your skin from the sun or the wind that can sneak in.  I grabbed this kimono on the way to Golden Gate Park and was ready for the day.

I love the stitch lining!

I didn’t even realize it was sheer until I held it up to the light.

I may be obsessed with kimonos these days but they are the perfect summer piece to keep in your closet!

Love Me.

Love MeI am not a huge fan of street graffiti but there is something so smart and eye catching about Curtis Kulig’s “Love Me“. One reason why I love it so much is because it’s not anonymous and it can be explained. I love stories and reasons why someone decided to create what they did and Kulig has been very open about this piece in particular. Another reason why I love it? It looks good and it looks great on this basic cropped sweatshirt.


 (Adding that street chic with some gold hoops)


IMG_9737(These studded wedge sneakers round out the look. These are super trendy and most likely won’t be around in 2015, so wear them now!)

IMG_9736Happy 4th! Enjoy the long weekend!

Stars and Stripes.


While shooting our upcoming posts in Golden Gate Park, Chelsea and I found this awesome pond with a beautiful low hanging tree.  We were trying to figure out what the best lighting was and snapped a few test shots.  We thought we’d share some of these since I guess it goes to show that sometimes mistakes turn out to be a good thing 🙂



What’s not to love about finding hidden places?!

American Love.

IMG_9864The softest, comfiest, and all around coziest tank top I have ever tried on is pictured above. Honestly, this tank feels like a pillow made out of clouds and suede, I love it! The American flag heart is such a perfect image for this week! With the Fourth right around the corner, we thought we should feature this piece found at Charlotte Russe.

IMG_9866(I love the worn in grey tones, it makes it that much more chic)

IMG_9865(I love pairing grey with a bold color like red, it makes the outfit look much more complete)


It’s the Fourth, put on something cozy and run to the nearest BBQ. Summer is officially here!