Updated TV Console.


Bryan, a friend and loyal IFL follower, was moving out of his house and offered up his old media console. I was unsure of it at first, I thought it didn’t really fit the darker color scheme I had going but then I was inspired for a new project!

DSC_1819(I took the sliding glass pieces out of the console and began to dust and clean the entire piece)

DSC_1821(I took one of the glass sliders and sprayed it with a few coats of a metal polished paint)

DSC_1822(I first primed the entire console – white, and then coated it with two layers of a dark chocolate brown color)

DSC_1824(I slid the gray piece of glass in and left the other piece clear)

DSC_1826(I added wheels to the bottom, because I was going for a more industrial look)

DSC_1849Here is the finished piece in all of it’s glory. It looks great in our apartment and is basically unrecognizable from it’s former state.

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