Sushi Rollin’

This past weekend, we made sushi at home which was a lot easier than I thought it would be! We picked up some sushi grade sashimi and dried seaweed sheets from nearby Japantown and had a lot of the other essential ingredients at home already.

DSC_1825(The sushi rice takes about 8 minutes to cook; be sure to add some rice wine vinegar and a pinch of white sugar)

DSC_1835(We sliced thin pieces of avocado, cucumber, lemon, salmon, tuna, and yellowtail)

DSC_1828(We placed the cooled rice onto the seaweed sheets and decorated it with our favorite fish and veggies. We used plastic wrap to roll the sushi together, be sure to wet your fingers so they don’t stick to the plastic or seaweed)

DSC_1833(Slice the sushi with a thick bread knife)

DSC_1839(The sushi crew got really serious!)

DSC_1841Served with some gyoza, our sushi was excellent! This was one of the easiest meals to make and a quarter of the price.


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