Hang Me Out To Dry.

DSC_0219I am not sure why but every time I am going to a friend’s house to hang, I always have the toughest time choosing what to wear. I want to be comfortable but look fashionable at the same time; it’s a real struggle. My friend, Liv, gave me this basic top that has layers of sheer, it’s ultra-soft but has a great bohemian look- the answer to all of my casual wear problems.

DSC_0246(Top- Pins and Needles, Belt- Urban Outfitters, Chords- J. Crew, Lipstick- Sephora)



DSC_0263(Shoes- Banana Republic)

It feels good to be comfy and adding a Bastille record to the mix doesn’t hurt either.

*Shout out to Miles the DJ for my first vinyl!

3 thoughts on “Hang Me Out To Dry.

    • Patrick, I am so glad you can identify with this post. If you need more ideas for what to wear to a friend’s house, I can supply them. Also, I have some fabulous soft t-shirts you make like to borrow!

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