The Ultimate Rain Boots.

DSC_0796Before I left for my trip I picked up a pair of these awesome Sorel rain boots. I am crazy about combat style boots, if I could live in a shoe it would be a combat boot. So, you can imagine it was love at first sight. I wore them all throughout New Zealand as it was unseasonably cold. I can’t recommend these boots more, they are so comfortable and completely waterproof.

DSC_0835(I love the subtle wedge)


DSC_0829(Queenstown, New Zealand. It was a pretty chilly day but these boots kept my feet cozy)

DSC_0824(Water just trickles off the boots)

FullSizeRender(Awesome photographer credit: B. Gould)

 There is an intense storm hitting San Francisco as we speak but it looks like I am prepared!

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