Walking Amongst the Giants.


The temperatures are slowly starting to drop but the sun is still shining so what better way to spend the time then to get outside and enjoy it.  Rob and I headed to Muir Woods over the weekend so get a good hike in and breathe the fresh air.  We ended up hiking up through the redwoods to the Panoramic highway and then back down through the Dipsea trail.  It was beautiful and refreshing and a great way to have a staycation.

The trees are so massive and beautiful.  Most of them are over 2,000 years old, pretty incredible.

Playing around with the Hipstomatic App.  My favorite is still the Pro HDR app for photography.

The canopies stand at over 300 ft tall.

It is the true Fern Gully.  Simply stunning.


Someone had strewn christmas ornaments along the trails!

We thought we might get lucky and the Tourist Club would be open but we must have missed it for December.

You can’t beat the views.

Wandering down the Dipsea Trail.

View from the top.

Happy New Year!  We will be back in 2015 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Walking Amongst the Giants.

    • I know, we try to take advantage of it every second we get!! Whenever we go and see people visiting there from all over the world we are reminded how incredible it is! The world is full of so many natural and beautiful wonders, I’m sure there is one near to you as well!!

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