Polka Dots and Pleats.


I’m a pretty casual dresser most of the time so when I do dress up it tends to be in a more outgoing way.  For example, I love wearing hats to block the sun (since I spend so much time outside) but also love fun patterns so the combo of the two is perfect for me.

Mixing the leopard shoes with the polka dot shirt were a fun way for me to express my more colorful side while balancing everything out with an all black skirt and felt hat.


Pleated mid length skirt with leopard heels.


This isn’t my everyday outfit but it’s a great combo for a day event while we have these warm winter days.

Flower Pants.

DSC_0424I purchased these awesome floral plants in Airlie Beach, Australia a couple of months ago. These are so casual and soft, they almost feel like pajamas. Another thing I love about these pants is that I can scrunch them up if it is extra warm outside and instantly turn them into capris.


DSC_0417(Top- Nordstrom, Chelsea28)

DSC_0427(Close up of the fabric and pockets)

DSC_0426(Old Navy sparkle ballet flats. These are AMAZING)

DSC_0422These are kind of crazy, I know but maybe that is why I love them so much! They are perfect for Spring and Summer but that’s now in Australia!


DSC_0594This jacket was a hand-me-down that I wasn’t super sure about. Until I placed it over this sleek black velvet dress. It’s pretty shapeless but that is kind of what I love about it, it doesn’t draw attention away from the piece underneath it. While I think it is a bit hard to style, when it works it really works!

DSC_0589(Jacket- Stella McCartney)

DSC_0593(Velvet is my new jean, I can’t get enough of it)

DSC_0595I’m pretty excited about this look. I think the black, white and red really creates a classic feel that I just don’t wear often enough. Simple and sleek, I do love this jacket.

Hello, Tokyo.

DSC_0317On our way back from Auckland we stopped over in Tokyo for a 20 hour layover. I was struck with a nasty bout of food poisoning so unfortunately I only got to experience the Haneda airport (which was lovely, actually) but Nick was able to spend a few hours in the city and captured some images for me. The one place I wanted to go to was the Harajuku District but Nick told me no one was out and about so that makes me feel a little better. Anyway, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos with you.


DSC_0304(Yoyogi Park)

DSC_0334(A tranquil fountain. Can you hear it?)

DSC_0337(Lots and lots of sake!)

DSC_0341(The beginning of a beautiful sunset)

I would love to be able to go back and see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Even though I was forced to stay in the airport I was able to make the most of it. When I finally started to feel better, I shopped around and took in everything that I could. Haneda has this amazing balcony overlooking Tokyo. When the sun went down I bundled up and took a look at the city covered in lights. I was sad I couldn’t be in the middle of it all but these pictures make me feel like I got to be there.

Winter Wear.


 I’d been hearing so many great things about Helly Hansen’s outerwear that I knew my next outerwear jacket was going to be one of theirs.  Since I love to go to Tahoe regularly and genuinely love winter weather, I’ve fallen in love with this jacket!  It’s cozy, warm, and my go to when the temps start to drop.

I love the white zipper detail.

I added these over the knee boots and leggings to stay warm.  I also love the button detailing on these boots.


Just add a beanie and I’m happy.  I love to be bundled when the weather starts to cool down so I love having the right clothes to be prepared to play outside even in the winter!

Taranaki Falls Walk.

DSC_0135_2We were unable to go near Mount Tongariro as it was covered in snow so we decided to take a hike to a famous waterfall. The Taranaki Falls took about 45 minutes to get to and we were able to walk on the very tip top of the falls and run through the very bottom. It was a ton of fun and we got some really beautiful photos.

DSC_0136_2(Water gaining speed)

DSC_0145_2(Mt Doom behind me)



DSC_0204(Underneath the falls- it was SO LOUD!)

DSC_0215_2(It ended up being a great day, even if Mt Doom wasn’t able to be conquered)

DSC_0218_2(One thing I loved about New Zealand? The moss, it’s everywhere)


This was such a great walk, we saw so many beautiful sites and were engulfed in trees. I wish the whole world looked like this. I guess I’ll just have to go back to beautiful New Zealand.

Sparkle. Glitz. Glam.

DSC_0470Anyone who has spent five minutes with me will tell you how obsessed with sparkle and glitter I am. One of my very best friends invented the 31 Days of Sparkle and Shine which means every day in December we must wear something glittery. It was then that I knew we would be life long friends. When I heard that someone invented a service that would “glitter bomb” your enemies with an envelope full of glitter- I didn’t understand why you would waste the glitter. Anyway, when I saw this clutch I knew it was coming home with me.

DSC_0475(Kate Spade does it again. The glitter is on there in a very thick layer so you don’t have to worry about it flaking off)

DSC_0481(Really beautiful and simple lace detail on this soft Gap tee)

DSC_0483(Franco Sarto heels)

DSC_0476This is a great and simple outfit to wear to cocktails, a night out, or hanging with your friends!

Lost in the City.

DSC_0508Brittany found this great lookout in San Francisco and decided we had to take photos there. I am so glad she did because it gave new life to this beautiful skirt I got at Anthropologie post-Christmas.

DSC_0515(It has a princess feel to it, I love how it shimmers in the sun)

DSC_0519(I pair it with these awesome booties Lindsay gave me and a simple clutch. With a skirt like this, basics pair best)

DSC_0521(It’s actually on sale right now)


DSC_0525We found the way this skirt looks best, high above the most beautiful city in the world with a breeze to compliment it!

Pond Skating.


Believe it or not, the above picture is Boca Lake (near Truckee, CA) completely frozen over.  While visiting with my good friends recently, they took me to go pond skating which was SO much fun.  They get to go pretty often and have some friends they play around on the ice with.  They had some extra skates that fit so I got to even do some skating.  This was a first for me but I love being outside and used to love ice skating when I was a kid!

Here’s Emily and I playing pass with some hockey sticks and a puck.


The ice was beautifully crystallized.  I’ve never seen anything like it!

We skated all the way out to the middle of the lake, it was unreal.

Can you imagine having an entire lake to ice skate on?  It was pretty great.

I was worried I may have forgotten how to skate but it’s just like riding a bike, it comes right back.  Although it did take some time to remember where my balance needed to be.

There wasn’t much snow but I also was able to check out Squaw for a bit.  The lines were short and it was spring like conditions.  It turned out to be pretty fun!

Anytime spent in the mountains is well spent, especially if you get to do it with friends 🙂

Also, we hope you take a moment today to remember Martin Luther King.  With everything going on in our country, it’s important to remember him and what he stood for.  Hope you all had a great weekend!