Queenstown, New Zealand


Our very first day in New Zealand was spent in the South Island in Queenstown. Completely majestic, it sits on a pristine lake surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills. It was a bit chilly that day, the clouds were rolling in quickly and it began to drizzle.

DSC_0620(On our walk around the lake, there were dozens of benches inviting us to take in the scenery)

DSC_0562(When we arrived, the clouds started moving towards us rapidly, bringing the rain)

DSC_0639(That’s it, tiny Queenstown)


DSC_0748(We found this great bridge on our walk)

DSC_0770(A tiny little duck not far from his family)

 Queenstown was my favorite city that we visited on our trip. It has a lot of fun activities for tourists and is filled with foreigners looking to live somewhere beautiful even if only for a few months.

10 thoughts on “Queenstown, New Zealand

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  2. I spent some time in Queenstown when I was living in Auckland a few years back, such a beautiful place! I wish you got to see it when the sun is shining over the lakes and mountains but I have to say it looks fairly awesome and atmospheric with all the clouds rolling in!

    • I know, I wish it was a little sunnier! But I will say it warmed up on our last day which was nice. It was unusually cold for that time of year but it looked very mystic which made for some pretty photos 🙂

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