Te Puia.

DSC_0385_2The main attraction of Rotarua, New Zealand is a huge geyser and thermal land called Pohutu. It has been ranked as one of the top 10 geysers to visit in the world by Lonely Planet. It erupts like clockwork and for 20 minutes at a time, it does not disappoint.

DSC_0382_2(A close up of the mineral rock that is continuously being added to as the geyser erupts)


DSC_0427_2(The back side of the geyser)

DSC_0433_2(It erupted for at least 30 minutes straight when we were there)

DSC_0462(The steam in the distance)

DSC_0440_2(The thermal land also created bubbling pools of clay)

DSC_0449_2(Notice all of the steam arising from the clay)

The Earth is a crazy thing, huh? Isn’t it cool to think about what is going on below our feet every day? It’s fun to be able to actually see the activity through water or mud or clay.

8 thoughts on “Te Puia.

    • I am sorry you had a bad lunch! I hope they have gotten better since then!!

      I used a Nikon D3100 base with the Nikkor 50mm lens. This lens is honestly so amazing, it takes crystal clear photos. I highly recommend it!

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