The Rocks, Sydney.

DSC_0159My favorite part of Sydney was a section called “The Rocks”. It had the coolest bars, restaurants, and views. I felt like I was in San Francisco, and it was even more beautiful because it was decorated for the holidays. Above is a photo from the modern art museum,, what a great quote by an even greater artist. (“Get Yourself In Trouble” – Chuck Close)

DSC_0166(Australians love their coffee. But don’t expect an American sized serving, they drink their coffee in small doses)

DSC_0168(Each shop had this decal in the window, I LOVED it! So perfect for Christmas)

DSC_0173(See what I mean? What a view!)

DSC_0176(And in the other direction, the Opera House at sunset)

DSC_0180(This was taken in mid November, they get geared up early)

The Rocks is great because it is centrally located. Not far from downtown and really close to the harbour, it’s an awesome place to explore. My only regret was getting there after most of the shops had closed but that just meant we needed to grab a bite while admiring the sunset. Not a bad evening at all.

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