Sydney Fish Market.

DSC_0206Our friend, Fai, took us to the Fish Market in Sydney. There were tons of different shops to look through and we eventually grabbed some fresh sashimi and grilled prawns to snack on. There were so many different kinds of fish, big and small. There was one piece of tuna that had to be at least 3 feet wide in diameter, the fisherman was just cutting these tasty pieces from it.


DSC_0197(Prawns for days)

DSC_0193(We didn’t end up trying the mussels, but how could you go wrong?)

DSC_0201(I loved how they stacked all of this fish, there were just so many)

DSC_0212(Lobster, nom)

DSC_0214(Blue and red crabs, I wonder which one is better)

One of my other favorite places to visit is Pike’s Place in Seattle. I love looking at all of the different fish for sale. I love seafood so it is fun to get inspired about what you would cook up!

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