Maori Culture.

DSC_0338When we visited Rotorua, New Zealand, we took in the story and culture of the Maori people at Te Puia. They danced and played music for us. It was a lot of fun and they were very interactive, our friend Bryan was chosen to be the chief of a different tribe. We weren’t allowed in until Bryan was deemed safe.

DSC_0344_2(This was part of the dance that the men were performing)


DSC_0369_2(Nick and Bryan were told to get up and dance with the tribe. I think the little boy with the red glasses stole the show though)

Similar to Hawaii, the Maori culture performs for visitors and is excited to share their history and culture with guests. I thought it was a lot of fun and would recommend it to anyone visiting the North Island of New Zealand!

6 thoughts on “Maori Culture.

  1. I’m from Holland, my mom’s brother moved to New Zealand when I was just a little girl. I never got to meet him, he died in a horrible train accident. What I do remember are the postcards he used to send, mostly beautiful photographs about the Maori people. It’s so nice to see this picture on the first blog I started following 🙂 thanks!

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