Sparkle. Glitz. Glam.

DSC_0470Anyone who has spent five minutes with me will tell you how obsessed with sparkle and glitter I am. One of my very best friends invented the 31 Days of Sparkle and Shine which means every day in December we must wear something glittery. It was then that I knew we would be life long friends. When I heard that someone invented a service that would “glitter bomb” your enemies with an envelope full of glitter- I didn’t understand why you would waste the glitter. Anyway, when I saw this clutch I knew it was coming home with me.

DSC_0475(Kate Spade does it again. The glitter is on there in a very thick layer so you don’t have to worry about it flaking off)

DSC_0481(Really beautiful and simple lace detail on this soft Gap tee)

DSC_0483(Franco Sarto heels)

DSC_0476This is a great and simple outfit to wear to cocktails, a night out, or hanging with your friends!

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