DSC_0496I love to eat. I’m kind of a picky eater, I generally won’t try things that look squishy, slimy, or different.  So, you can imagine it took years for me to try an oyster and they’re actually pretty good. But Saltwater has this magical mixture made of shallots, garlic, champagne vinegar, and lemon juice that adds something special to the already tasty oyster. I wanted to do a mini-review of the restaurant that focuses more on the ambience than the food itself.

DSC_0493(First off, they change their menu daily! We went two days in a row and had amazing meals both times)

DSC_0508(A mini patio is lit with Edison bulbs in antique looking wired frames)

DSC_0495(The restaurant itself is in a home restored to serve as a dining area complete with a porch)

DSC_0515(It is dimly lit with dozens of tea lights)

DSC_0516Quaint places like this are my favorite and in the city we certainly don’t have a shortage! But some of the best places are tucked away not so far from home.

Anatomy of a Sunset.

DSC_0443While in Pt. Reyes, Nick and I took in the sunset. While I was sifting through our photos I noticed we captured the natural movement and really loved the way they looked side by side. I hope you do too.

DSC_0444(Light peaks out from behind the clouds)




DSC_0477The sun disappeared and reappeared throughout the sunset itself, it was something I had never seen before!

A Day in Tomales Bay.

DSC_0373This weekend we spent a day enjoying the beautiful Tomales Bay. Luckily, the weather was perfect as we kayaked and took in the marvelous views. If you’re a fan of oysters you should take a visit to this tiny town and enjoy nature, wines, and famous Cowgirl Creamery.

DSC_0528(The fog can roll in without any notice but I do love the way that looks too)

DSC_0396(We took to the ocean to see what we could make of the sunset)

DSC_0403(Elephant Seals joined us on the sand)

DSC_0409(Pieces of birchwood that Nick wouldn’t let me take home)

DSC_0421(Yup, it was cold but those are my favorite kinds of beaches. The most beautiful ones I have seen are in the Pacific Northwest)

DSC_0427(From Elephant Seals on the beach to cows in the valley)


A beautiful end to a great day!

On the Ritz-i.


I had the pleasure of riding a friends’ horse, Ritzi, for her while she was out on work travel.  Rob came along with me and snapped some photos.  This is my happy place, riding horses and being outside.  Also, since the weather has been so warm everything has really brightened up.



Practicing our extended trots.





I love my Sundays at the barn.  Taking care of the horses and riding them.  It’s my happy place 🙂

What’s your happy place?

Favorites from New York Fashion Week.

It’s no secret that Brittany and I love fashion! While we rarely wear high end pieces it’s always fun to watch the runway and see what will inspire the stores that we do frequent. Here are a few of my favorite looks from this season’s Fashion Week. All photos courtesy of Getty Images.

Tanya Taylor(Tanya Taylor | I love the rope detail used as a belt. That is something I have been wanting to try!)

Badgley Mischka(Badgley Mischka The color palette here is absolutely beautiful. I am all about golds)

Karen Walker(Karen Walker I love the 70’s look here. High waisted jeans are definitely coming back)

J Crew(J Crew | I am a HUGE fan of turtlenecks and so is J Crew. Some of my favorite sweaters are from there so it is great to see the bold colors they have in store)

Carmen Marc Valvo(Carmen Marc Valvo | That look to the right, perfection. Plaid is so classic, I am in love)

Anna Sui(Anna Sui | Once again, Anna Sui creates something magical. I am loving this hippie chic look)

Erin Fetherston(Erin Fetherston | Lastly, I love this Euro-feminine look that Erin Fetherston always hits out of the park. Also, the simple sleek pulled back hair allows for the clothing to really shine)

Surfers Sunset.

Rob and I took a day last weekend to get to Santa Cruz to enjoy the sunshine and we picked the most perfect day to do so.  It was a gorgeous day with a tasty lunch followed by a dynamic sunset.  I know I may be a bit sunset obsessed but the colors always captivate me.  How can you not find enjoyment from this view?!  We soaked it all in at Steamer Lane.

I’ve always loved the ocean.  The sound, the sight, and just the pure peacefulness.

Following Rob to the seaside.

Watching the surfers catch wave after wave.


The Santa Cruz beach boardwalk lighting up for the night.



Am I the only sunset junkie out there?

Splurge vs. Save

HeaderNothing gives me a bigger thrill then a good deal, that is no secret. When it comes to my skin and hair, I have tried all kinds of products from cheap to expensive and the results are all over the table. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite products that range in price and give you some details on how I think they work best for me. I thought I should start by letting you know my skin and hair types to give you a better idea of why they may or may not work for you! First off, I have what is referred to as combination type skin. This means that my forehead and chin can be oily while my cheeks are often dry. My hair is naturally wavy and dries out at the ends (something I have a hard time managing) which can weigh down my hair.

pic-6(I use foundation every day, along with an SPF moisturizer. I have to say that this Rimmel London BB Cream ($7) works about the same as Smashbox’s Liquid Halo ($42). However, Smashbox lasts a lot longer and isn’t as greasy. I love them both but prefer Smashbox. But on a budget, Rimmel is a great option.)


(Face wash is tough for me because of my combination skin and it’s also super sensitive. A friend of mine gave me this oil face wash by Julep ($28) and I absolutely LOVE it- the only catch is that I have to order it by mail and it’s a tad pricey. I pick up my Clean & Clear sensitive skin cleanser ($7) at any local drugstore and it does the trick just as good as the Julep wash. Both are great but for the price, I have to recommend Clean & Clear)

pic-4(I put on my night cream right before I go to bed. I am very particular about it because I can’t stand thick heavy creams, it irritates my skin and is uncomfortable. I was religious about L’occitane’s Immortelle Night Cream ($70) because it works miracles. But at that price point, I decided to try something new and that’s when I discovered Pond’s Hydrating Cream ($12) I was shocked by how great it works. For a sixth of the price I was seeing the same results as the L’occitane cream. It’s great for sensitive skin and keeps my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.)

pic-5(The ends of my hair are always dry and I have tried all kinds of tricks but they just leave my hair feeling greasy. My hairdresser recommended Davines Oi Oil ($41) and I haven’t looked back. I only use a small drop when I get out of the shower; in fact I have had it for 2 years and have only used 1/4 of the bottle. I have tried products like Pantene and L’oreal ($7-$12) but they just don’t produce anywhere near the same results. Hands down, Davines is great for my hair type.)

I hope this insight was helpful to you. I honestly feel like there are things you have to splurge on in order to get quality results but not everything needs to cost an arm and a leg. There are products out there with a mild price point that can give you amazing results, we just have dig deep to find them!

Cabo Beautiful Blues.

Since I’d never been to Cabo, there was so much for me to take in.  I loved the options pool, hot tub, and ocean.  All of which I took full advantage of.  With views like this, how can you say no?!  Even just walking by made me want to jump in any body of water.  The blues are so enticing, it would have been extremely hard to not enjoy being waterfront in Cabo.

I ate tacos of the above kind for just about every meal.  We stayed at La Villa la Estancia which was not all inclusive but we had a full kitchen to cook as we pleased.

We went snorkeling although, jumping off the boat with more fun than fish watching because we didn’t see too many.

It was prime time whale season so we got quite the show by some humpback whales!

Dress For Success.

DSC_0381When I was in Australia, this high necked tank top caught my eye at a store called TEMT. I loved the pattern because it incorporated all of my favorite colors. It is pretty long which I like too, the crop trend is hard to pull off at my age so I just don’t even want to try it! I was surprised how easy it was to dress up this top, with a basic cotton pencil skirt and blazer, this became something I could wear to work.

DSC_0385(This cut has been trending for a while now and I think it is a great alternative to your usual tank cut)

DSC_0387(Close up of the fabric and purse detail)

DSC_0383(My new favorite booties courtesy of my friend, Lindsay)


A blazer is a quick way to dress up any tank or cami, I keep that in my back pocket at all times!

Duster Dance.

DSC_0536A great duster can be the perfect way to add some flare to a basic outfit. They are comfortable, flowy, and very feminine which creates a unique look. We took to the top of San Francisco to catch some wind and watch this duster dance.

DSC_0538(Knee high Sam Edelman boots. He makes the most comfortable shoes ever)

DSC_0544(This duster has a beautiful painted design, it has a handmade feel to it)


DSC_0559This is a great look for the weekend, when you want to dress up a simple long sleeved top on a chill winter day. Living in the city, we are always looking for great long sweaters and dusters!