Floral Lulu.

I had a friend tell me for a long time how much she loved the brand LuLu Lemon and I have to admit, I always thought it was an overpriced and over talked about brand.  However, this was because I had never even tried a pair on my own.  I finally realized that the regular wonder under pant in black was a practical purchase because not only could I work out in them but I could also wear them as warm leggings.  This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  Since the first pair, I’ve only added one pair of shorts, two sports bras, and now these awesome blue floral running pants that I got on clearance.

I guess you can say I’m drawn to bright colors : ).

I like that the pattern is feminine without being too bold.

I love yoga, climbing, and recently got into cycling so it’s nice to add a good pair of workout pants that were made for a higher intensity.

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6 thoughts on “Floral Lulu.

  1. Lulu is SUCH a good investment. Once you go lulu there’s no going back! Athleta and Lucy59 are also some great brands very comparable to luluelemon!

    • Oooo thank you for the other brands! I love my lulu’s but always looking to expand and try other good brands 🙂 I also was given a pear of under armor pants for xmas that are like Lulu’s and I LOVE them!

      • Athlete is owned by gap and banana republic so it’s great quality. It’s a little pricy but not as expensive as lulu. Lucy59 is very reasonable brand that I buy at my local Dicks sporting goods! Reebok even has some really good quality stuff 🙂

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