Tequila Sunrise.

IMG_1955Last weekend I spent four sun and fun filled days in Cabo with a large group of girlfriends celebrating a great friend, Lacey’s, bachelorette.  We laughed, we explored, we had a few drinks or more, and saw the land and water that makes up Cabo San Lucas.  It’s amazing how this town has forged through the massive hurricane that hit over the summer and continues to host tourists day after day.  My taxi driver from the airport to the hotel was telling me some unbelievable stories about the storm and what he himself and the community endured.  He huddled over his wife and kids as the roof was ripped right off of his home.  Luckily, the walls were made of concrete and were able to withstand the winds.  Even the airport was highly damaged but the community didn’t let tourism get affected and continued to let people come from afar after the storm while they were mending their homeland.  He said the community called themselves the “unstoppables” because of the strength it took for these people to rebuild their lives and homes.  So often we go on vacation unaware of the history or hardships that have hit these foreign places not realizing even further how incredible the people are to have gone through such an event and still be so happy.  I had such gratitude for Cabo while there and it’s definitely a place that should be on your vacation list if you like the beach!

Around every corner was a picturesque sight.

I love morning light.  It’s so peaceful and slowly illuminates life as it rises.

Dipping my toes in.

A cruise ship had sailed in one morning.  It looked so stoic out on the water.

Coffees and surprise waves 🙂

The coastal rocks looked perfect for rock climbing!


The view from our balcony as the day got going.

We ended up spending a lot of time on the water doing various activities that I will share in some future posts!

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7 thoughts on “Tequila Sunrise.

    • I definitely recommend Cabo! We didn’t stay at an all inclusive so I’m not sure what that experience would be like but going to see the sites and play in the water was a perfect weekend 🙂

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