A Taste of the Sunset.

Over the weekend, I made it my mission to just hang around the city and relax.  I love being on the go and don’t usually rest as much as I should so I did a mini taste tour around the sunset district in San Francisco and thought I’d share my good finds.  I’ve pretty much quit coffee, I now drink tea so not a caffeine purge, but when this adorable Snowbird Coffee shop opened up I couldn’t wait to try it.

It’s such a quaint, cute spot with hand poured coffees.

Not to mention, cute little accents.

There’s also a awesome recycling program they have in the back of their store.  You can bring your old bottle of shampoos/soaps/etc and they will refill it for a much lower price than if you bought in store.  Love this concept and I can’t wait to go snag some re-fills!

I went for the almond milk latte and enjoyed it immensely.

If you are a beer fan, the other notable stop in the sunset district is the new Sunset Reservoir Brewery.  We tried some appetizers and the beer sampler.  They have a dinner menu that I’m sure is pretty good but it seems like a better place for some beers and snacks.

It’s a really great space with lots of great features.  We were sitting up on a balcony but there is plenty of space throughout the brewery.

My favorite of the 5 samples was the Double IPA if you are an IPA fan.

There you have it, two new spots for great sips in the sunset district of San Francisco!  What are some of your favorite spots?

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