Work Savvy.

IMG_2415{{ dress: Michael Kors from the Outlets }}

While I was at the outlets the other weekend with my mom for the first time, I found a ton of nice clothing for work.  I’m always looking for ways to up my work wardrobe as I feel I grow out of past styles and sizes.  This wrap dress is easy and I love the pattern.

I paired the dress with a simple necklace from local designer, Kristen Michael.

I am not big into anything too flashy, so I like that the logo is hidden in the small gold detailing.

The synched belt at the waist is shape flattering.

Depending on weather, you can go bare legged or throw some leggings on.

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6 thoughts on “Work Savvy.

  1. Finding work appropriate clothing is often hard but this dress is super flattering on you and is fabulous for more than one season, love it!

    • Thank you! I tried to find a link to where it could be purchased everywhere and couldn’t find one 😦 If you are near some outlets though, you should check them out! I came out with some good finds that will last a long time 😀

      • I checked also, and find the same style at Vince Camuto’s shop. Different print though. I am looking forward for your future posts, I love your style. ^_^

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