Sonoma Getaway.


Over the weekend, it was such a pleasure to get up to Sonoma to see a long time friend marry her life partner in crime at the beautiful Buena Vista winery.  The wedding was incredible and the two of them are the best match love could make.  They brought together such an amazing group of people to celebrate their love and it was so great getting to meet everyone and spend more time with the ones we already knew.  Spending some time in Sonoma was also quite lovely.  I’d never spent time in downtown Sonoma so we stayed right on the square which was very convenient.

We stayed at the Swiss Hotel which was a 5 room bed and breakfast style hotel.  It was fun when we realized the other 4x rooms were rented to people in the wedding so we had so much fun having coffee and chatting with them on the balcony the morning after the wedding.

The sunflower cafe was adorable and where everyone had a delicious brunch.  They also have the most beautiful garden out back where you can eat.

There was a little old historic town are right near our hotel.

An old carriage house.

Rob in front of the old dinner hall.


The rose gardens were some of my favorite colored roses I’ve ever seen.

They were also very large and vibrant.


Sonoma’s Town Hall.

Getting up close.

The stone is gorgeous.


The trees and lighting in the square were so fun to explore.

The entry to the wedding.

Wedding ready, recognize the dress? 🙂

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