Geometric Jewels.

DSC_0795About a year ago I fell in love with these glass jewelry holders I found at West Elm. They no longer carry them but similar ones can be found here. They were on the pricey side, upwards of $150 and I just couldn’t see them being worth that. My friend Lindsay was shopping at a thrift store near the beach and found this almost identical one for only $21! Shadowboxes are a great way to highlight your favorite pieces, simply.

DSC_0797(I place my most frequently worn earrings on the top)

DSC_0798(Kate Spade earrings sit at the top)

DSC_0803(I found this great necklace holder at the DeYoung Museum this weekend that compliments the glass holder)

DSC_0804(I rarely see holders with 4 spokes at the top)

DSC_0806(Some fun DIY projects can be found on Pinterest too)

How do you hang or present your jewelry? Boxes seem so outdated, it’s nice let those sparkly treasures breathe!

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