Britt’s Picks.


The past few weeks have been full of on the go fun and I am always looking for new fun ideas or tasty places to try .  I thought I would share some of mine from the past few weeks.  Here are some of my picks of the week!

Favorite SOMA green juice from D’Urso Italian Cafe.  I get the mega green and add ginger.

In the market for a new fun indoor rug.  Found some awesome prints in Sonoma on the square.

I know I talk about them a lot but I love Snowbird Coffee because they have almond milk options.  My favorite is an almond milk latte.

All the cute dogs (including Max, my friend Nick’s dog) coming out to play in the nice weather.

Far and Ride’s featured horse trip of the month.  Top of my bucket list now 🙂

Nasty Gal’s two piece features this week including this amazing one. LOVE!

Oh and just for good measure, here’s a link that will make you laugh.  ENJOY! 🙂

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