Medlock Ames.

DSC_0790Living in Northern California means that we are just an hour away from all kinds of amazing wineries. Napa, Sonoma, Healdsburg, they all have beautiful places to spend the day. I recently visited Medlock Ames in Healdsburg with a group of friends. The wine was great but the modern decor really caught my eye!

DSC_0773(They put together a beautiful table with our reservation)

DSC_0775(Showcasing their wine bottles was a nice tough. The rose really popped)

DSC_0777(This light fixture hung above the small booth that they had inside)

DSC_0780(Lastly, I love the edison bulbs. I know they are a bit overused now but the piping made it feel very unique)

I thought this winery was warm and had a laid back style. This is a gem that is waiting to be discovered.

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