Starry Night Peplum.

DSC_0293I recently stumbled upon this peplum top at H&M, it struck me because of the asymmetric fold on the side. I also think that peplum tops look better on body types like mine, a little curvier on the bottom than the top. Something just makes me feel more balanced in a peplum top!

DSC_0290(A simple rose colored necklace with my constellation sign- Charming Charlie)

DSC_0287(I love these new big dipper earrings- Charming Charlie)

DSC_0302(clutch- Kate Spade)

I’m crazy about constellations and think that the accessories add something special to this simple top. What’s your sign?

11 thoughts on “Starry Night Peplum.

  1. I think I am in love with those earrings! I am a Taurus and I think my constellation actually wouldn’t look to bad in earring form…

  2. As a fan of the stars myself, I can’t help but fall in love with your necklace and earrings! No, scratch that. I love the entire look! 🙂

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