Sequined Wear.

DSC_0255I love glittery, shimmery things. Love them. When I saw this top I knew it would be a great go-to for a night out or even a day at work. I recently paired it with black jeggings and cut-out booties for an evening show. Very randomly, this whole outfit, aside from the flats, is from Forever 21. I tend to grab a lot of basics from there.

DSC_0266(Black clutch- Forever 21)

DSC_0268(Flats- Charlotte Russe)

DSC_0279(Starburst earrings- Forever 21)

DSC_0256(Sequined top- Forever 21)

7 thoughts on “Sequined Wear.

  1. so pretty!! the top and earrings are so unique and cool 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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