Road Tripping the California Coast.


After our friends’ wedding the other weekend, we opted for the long route home along hwy 1 from Cambria to San Francisco.  My little Subaru handled the roads like a champ (as she always does 🙂 and we soaked in views for miles, literally.  Here’s a taste of the treat you might get if you opt for the long way home.

Elephant Seal Beach.  These cuties had a lot to say!

There were quite a few seals on the beach.


Every pull out has a breath taking surprise if you take the time to check them out.


A piece of the road you will drive.  So incredibly beautiful.

Goofing off of course.  But really, look at that water!

The pit stops aren’t bad.

The sun came out in full force.

Lunch view.


Getting closer to Big Sur, the coast line begins to turn into tree lines.

And of course, the bridge :).  I’m telling you, take the long way home along hwy 1 sometime.  It’s worth every minute.

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4 thoughts on “Road Tripping the California Coast.

  1. Beautiful – it may be some time before I do that trip (since I live in England) but I’m glad I’m not the only one who always has to make the most of long journeys!

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