Belize It!


We officially touched down in Belize yesterday and I can say so far it has far exceeded any expectations or thoughts we had about it.  We knew it was going to be amazing but it’s blown us away with it’s island breeze, turquoise waters, and slowed down pace.  Here’s a little peak into Ambergris Caye!

Dirty bananas
Our Airbnb hosts greeted us with a free drink!  They call these ones dirty bananas.

There are cute island dogs everywhere, this one belongs to our property and his name is Marvin.  Used to be starvin’ Marvin but they fed him up really good.

We asked if we could take our drinks out on a pier and they answered of course, there are no rules here!  We dig it.

My nap spot for the next week, do not disturb :).

We found our way to the Palapa Bar which I’d been dreaming about and it was everything I was hoping!  Sun, tacos, beers, and ocean inner tubes – true vacation mode!

The bar sits over these waters at the end of a Pier.

It was a true warm welcome!

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