Biking in Belize.

{{ top – similars here, shorts – similar here (the boyfriend short from Urban Outfitters, shoes – on sale here! }}

Biking was my favorite mode of transportation on Caye Caulker in Belize.  It’s flat everywhere and the breeze feels so good on the sun soaked skin.  The views aren’t bad either.  Riding along the ocean and through the quaint streets, it’s a lifestyle one could get used to quick.

There are piers everywhere to enjoy.

Our bikes came with baskets so I could load up my awesome new beach bag my step mom gave me for the trip ❤


These Urban Outfitter sandals are such a good find for the summer.  They are easy to slip on and go with everything.

Pack up your basket and take off for the next adventure!

(Photos by Rob Jimenez)

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