Anthropologie’s Best Kept Secret.

Brittany turned me on to Anthropologie‘s kitchen wear about a year ago when she got me an awesome ceramic muffin dish that I absolutely adore. Since then, I have dreamed of updating my tiny kitchen with unique pieces from our favorite store! In case you haven’t checked out what they have to offer, I have picked out a few of my favorite items that they have right now. The price point is fair and everything that they offer is of very high quality so you really can’t go wrong!

Copper(These puts my bland colander to shame! I love the legs and of course, the copper tone. $30-58)

35790328_010_b(This would make a great DIY project! $40)

35858570_010_b(Marble, glass, and wood. A very modern way of presenting cheese at a party. $78)

36128510_027_b(Not a must have by any means, but extremely cute! $78)

32578031_028_b(Lastly, these copper measuring cups are classic! $28)

Do you have a favorite place to shop for kitchen wear? Let us know!

3 Top Tips for Deep Cleaning.

(photo credit – here)

It goes without saying that you should start by treating yourself to an extra strong fancy coffee before putting yourself up to the task of a major cleaning.  I usually try to do one major cleaning every quarter but sometimes it’s every 6 months or so which is terrible but at least I can admit that I needed some help.  Along the way, I’ve picked up some really helpful tips that I thought I’d pass along.

1. Start from the left and work your way right. 

I picked this up from a co-worker and find it very helpful.  Sometimes there are so many areas that need some help it’s easy to get distracted and bounce around leaving everything half cleaned/organized.  By focusing on an area, it is less overwhelming and you can focus better.  At least if you only get halfway done, that half of the room is going to look exactly how you want it.

2. Go top to bottom.

Another tip that seems like common sense but you don’t want to work the other way around because you will end up cleaning/organizing the bottom of the same section twice.

3. Give back.

It’s so easy to just toss things in the trash and sometimes things need to be thrown away but if things are in good condition, donate them.  As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

Friend Feature – Lindsay!

{{ Purse: Isabella Fiore Clutch (An oldie but a goodie).  Necklace: Dogeared Chain (Nordies).  Shoes: Miss Albright Heels / Stripes (Anthro Alternative – sold out).  Belt: Elise M, Reese in Black (Ambiance), Jacket: Trouve / Drape Collar Leather Jacket, Skirt: Bailey44, Dip Dyed Tulle Skirt (found here) }}

A few of us went to State Bird Provisions the other night, thanks to Chelsea and Nick’s reservation, and our friend Lindsay showed up looking as darling as ever!  The tule skirt was a perfect pairing with her striped heels.  Every detail was perfectly placed and she just looked like a gem as usual 🙂




The Big Blue Beautiful.


I had a quick trip to my favorite lake on this planet this past weekend for a friend’s wedding and it reminded me how much I love Lake Tahoe.  Normally, I spend my time in North Lake Tahoe where I used to live but this weekend we spent time in South Lake and it was fun to re-explore the big beautiful blue.  I love taking pictures of this place, here are a few from this weekend.





Lakeside yogi 🙂

Engagement Photos.

Chelsea Nick Engagement-Export FIN-0008

I haven’t made a specific mention to this yet but Nick and I got engaged in early April. It’s been fun looking through magazines and getting ideas of what we want our wedding to be like! Our first step was taking engagement photos with a local photographer I found online. Her name is Christine Chen and she captured just what we wanted! She found a great park in Woodside, CA where we shot as the sun was going down. I wanted to share a few of our favorites with you.

Chelsea Nick Engagement-Export FIN-0013

View More:

View More:

Chelsea Nick Engagement-Export FIN-0050

Overall, we are really happy with the woodsy feel of these photos and love what Christine produced for us.

Chelsea’s Bday – Shuckin’!



Since Chelsea darling had another turning of age recently, we spent last Saturday celebrating by Oyster Shucking in Tomales Bay.  Chelsea had been before but it was a first for me and it was such a fun day experience.  It was a good weekend to head up there with Outside Lands going on.  Don’t get us wrong, we love music but having been at Outside Lands the past few years we were ready for something new.

Chelsea preparing some fixings.

Some people brought their own minuscule sauces which was pretty funny and cute.

My first time shucking oysters so I wanted to pick just the right one.

Working on cracking an oyster open 🙂


Lindsay getting her shuck on.

Very picturesque place, right on the water.




Sofia Coppola cans of carbonated wine 🙂

Complete with a straw of course.

Here is the link for the Tomales Bay Oyster Company where we spent a day of good fun!

Hello Moto.


Since the weather is so up and down in San Francisco, it’s always good to have wardrobe options.  I picked up this awesome moto jacket at the Nordstrom’s summer sale and its helped me minimize my closet.  I had so many random jackets before that I’ve been able to donate in order to have one go to.

I love that it is a shorter crop.

While the sun is heating up elsewhere, the fog is rolling in in San Francisco.

Daydream Believer.

(photo credit – here)

My mom just went to Idaho to visit a dear friend who has an amazingly beautiful horse farm.  While sharing photos and stories, she said “maybe you’ll have a place like this someday” and it really resonated with me.  It got me thinking, what would my dream farm look like and where would it be.  I started pinterest dreaming up some aspects of a ranch to call home.  Here are some of my favorite pins that inspire me and maybe my future ranch some day 🙂

(photo credit – here)
Of course, I will have horses.  Who knows how many but definitely a few that can live and graze freely.

(photo credit – here)
I love outdoor showers especially in fresh air spaces.  It would be my touch of modern added to rustic.

(Photo credit – here)
I’ll need some area to be able to rest and admire the land 🙂

(Photo credit – here)
Maybe if I’m lucky enough, it will even snow once in a while.

I guess you could say I’ve always been a dreamer but you can’t make something happen that you’ve never imagined before.  I’m definitely a day dream believer and I now have a fun new Pinterest board to play with.

What’s your day dream?