Throwback Thursday: Chico, CA.


Being a Chico State alum, the small farm town always has place in my heart for all the memories that were made while in college.  Rob and I went for a visit this past weekend for his brother’s birthday weekend in Chico since his brother went to Chico State, too.  I hadn’t been back in over 5 years and honestly hadn’t had any desire to go back just because there were so many other places on my list.  Driving back into town though on River Rd for the first time in years was like putting on your favorite pair of jeans, it just felt right and it felt good.

I took Rob on a campus tour and felt very nostalgic remembering my different walking patterns I acquired throughout the years.

Chico was always covered in beautiful brick, I’m glad that hasn’t changed.

My old dorm to the left (Lassen Hall) and brand new dorms that weren’t there when I was in school.  Glad they kept Lassen around 🙂

Campus is full of gorgeous blooms.

The creek that flows through campus is eerily low but we did spot an incredible red hawk perched on a branch near one of the bridges.


Spotting vultures on the back roads home.

When driving to Chico, it’s hard to imagine that there’s such a big college town beyond the fields and crops but nestled in the middle of northern California is a place that created many of my cherished memories and friendships.  I look forward to going back again and hopefully not waiting so long for the next time.

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