Wyoming Wildlife.


Coming back from an epic long weekend in Jackson Hole this past weekend was a hard adjustment.  The beautiful scenery and weather were just two pieces to the perfect puzzle settled in Wyoming.  We were extremely lucky our first few days in town as we saw a small handful of Moose and one bear!  Also, of course all of the horses really put the cherry on top.

We saw this baby moose with its mother when we were riding bikes to brunch.

We saw this large moose on a local neighborhood street just cruising along.  He was huge!


IMG_5203Beautiful sights.



I didn’t get a photo of the bear we saw but he was swimming through the river in the park which was something I’ve never seen before.  The moose were definitely a fun animal to spot though and of course the horses were quite possibly my favorite.  Jackson Hole is a photographer’s dream and I can’t wait to share the rest of my photos with you!

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