Jackson Hole Eats.

We had a pretty epic food tour throughout our trip and there wasn’t one bad stop.  Leaving San Francisco, you never know what kind of food you will encounter on travels because we have such a wide variety of goodness in the city.  Jackson Hole definitely had fantastic food everywhere we went thanks to Julia’s guidance on her favorite spots!

Persephone – NOM!  The coffee and pastries were SO good.


Gluten free options included like the above deliciousness!

Sitting outside enjoying our coffee and treats 🙂

Nora’s huevos rancheros!  Need I say more?

Unreal coffee and pastries from Elevated Grounds.

Seriously drool worthy.

Teton Thai!  We went here after our hike and chowed down, it was SO good.  Be careful with your spice levels though, I got a 2 spice level and it still had a pretty good kick.

Amazing local brews like this Jenny Lake Lager from Snake River Brewery!

We had a pretty epic food tour thanks to Julia for sharing all her favorite spots with us :).  You must add these to your list when planning a trip to Jackson Hole!

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