DIY Coffee Zone.


I saw this great idea on Pinterest and was eager to give it a try.  In my apartment, my roommates and I have an overwhelming amount of coffee mugs that take up multiple shelves so I was on the hunt for a fix to save space.  We now have a lot more counter space and a cute coffee area.

This is the before, we needed some major organizational help.

I started from the top down, setting the new wall mug hangers first.  I ordered them off of amazon.


The after!  So much better.

What DIY projects are you getting into this weekend?  Or share any links in the comments section of some of your DIY’s, I love getting ideas from other blogs and will link back 🙂

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7 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Zone.

  1. I love how that looks! I really need to do something like that as well! My husband and I have SO many mugs, and a lot of them are cute, so displaying them would be fun! I also love that you have the Starbucks locations mugs! I only have the one for the Twin Cities (where I live), but it’s one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

    • This took me about 10 mins! The long part was just ordering and waiting for the racks to arrive from amazon but even that was fast with standard shipping! Each rack only requires two screws and then you drop on the hooks. My kinda DIY 🙂

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