Through the Woods.


There’s this really awesome abandon shack on the way out of north lake Tahoe, near Northstar, that I’ve always wanted to stop and take photos of.  On our way to meet up with Brie last Sunday, we stopped to snap some shots of this awesome location so I wanted to share them with you!










Hope you have a great adventure filled weekend 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Through the Woods.

  1. Wow those are some great shots. I love the trees, too! I am also a huge fan of finding abandoned lots, especially kind of hidden away in the woods! I have a few pictures recently up on my blog of an abandoned house if you wanted to check those out but i also would love to do a post solely dedicated to a collection of abandons. Have you checked out abandoned hudson valley? They have a fb and a website and its all collections of upstate ny abandoned everything- i love it.

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