A Celebration of Life.


My dad passed away very recently after a 9 year long battle with liver cancer. I miss him every day but cherish the memories and laughter that I had with him for the past 32 years. This past weekend my family and I boarded a schooner and sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge to scatter his ashes alongside San Francisco, the city that he loved so much. It was a beautiful day filled with crisp air, an adventure that he would have loved, and a wonderful family. It was a day I will remember for the rest of my life and a trip that he wanted us to take to see the city and bridge as he saw it- magical and one of a kind. Here are some photos of the journey we took, I thought I would share them with you because it was such an amazing ride that I feel so honored to have taken.

IMG_0004_2(SF Bay Adventures was kind enough to let us use the magnificent Frida B for the afternoon)

IMG_0013_2(Alcatraz and the city in the distance)

IMG_0016_2(Approaching the bridge)

IMG_0024_2(The fog rolling over the trees)

IMG_0034_2(The fog came in as we were heading back to Sausalito)

IMG_0036_2(We toasted him under the bridge)

IMG_0053_2(A view I never tire of seeing, the fog over Sausalito. It doesn’t get much better than this)

Nick took a lapsed video of the fog hitting Sausalito. This was our day, it was everything that makes the Bay Area perfect and every day I feel so lucky to live here. I know my dad left this world but I feel him all around me, all I have to do is look at the bay and I know he is there.

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