Fresh Rain.

2015-11-01 23.58.39November brought a heavy rain to the Bay Area (Guns N Roses would be proud). It was so heavy that it actually woke me up from a deep sleep. My favorite thing is to stay under my comforter and listen to the rain hit the roof. It let up after I got up for the day so I was able to see remaining rain drops coming off of our cafe lights and trees in the backyard.

2015-11-01 23.55.33(The trees got to soak up the rain, which they really needed)

2015-11-01 23.58.54(We strung cafe lights above our mini orange tree- they provide a ton of light in the evening)

2015-11-01 23.56.10(Any excuse to pull out my Sorel rain boots- obsessed)

I can’t wait for more rain, it rinses all of the stress away. Do you love the rain too?

7 thoughts on “Fresh Rain.

  1. I lived in New York for decades, where rain falls fairly regularly and is regarded more as a nuisance than anything else. I remember hearing that, in Israel, schoolchildren go out to laugh and play in the rain and sing special songs to welcome the rain. That seemed just plain weird to me. Snow, maybe, but plain old ordinary rain? Then I moved to northern California. Now I get it. With the multiyear drought we’ve been experiencing, whatever drops we can get from the heavens to fill our aquifers and irrigate our crops are gratefully appreciated. This is a place where rain is cherished and never taken for granted.

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