DIY Paper Banner.

2015-11-14 07.51.59He’s always this excited! My friend Meris made this super cute banner that we can use for my bachelorette party and wedding shower. She made it look easy but I promise you that it does take a bit of time and care – in the end, it is worth it.

2015-11-14 07.18.02(We were going to cut out letters from glitter paper but found this awesome sticker letters. This is the way to go!)

2015-11-14 07.18.08(She cut out the purple flags first and stuck the letters on them. Then measured out the brown paper which was a slightly larger flag. Once she pasted those together she made one small hole in each of the top corners. Tulle was used to tie them together)

So clever and cute, I just adore this banner!

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