Otavalo Market, Ecuador

(All photos by Daniel Nevares – @danieljtravels)

I’m not a huge shopper but I was in shopping heaven when we strolled into the Otavalo Market in Ecuador.  It’s about an hour and a half drive from Quito and it is well worth it.  Apparently, they have been promoting this market a ton so there were a bit of tourist in the area but that didn’t matter.  There was so much culture and so many beautiful things, it didn’t disappoint.  I had been brushing up on my Spanish before this trip so it was also a great opportunity to practice the language.  I ended up with many, many things from this market and I would go back in a heartbeat.

The colors were stunning.  I love bright colors so I was drawn to all the fabrics.

I had to stop at every vendor.

My first purchase was the hat you’ve seen in many posts now.  I love it so much and got it from this stand.

I had to try on a lot to find “the one” and this woman was great with my broken Spanish and indecisive nature.

There were so many options!  Honestly, if they were easier to transport I probably would have bought so many.

And then I found the one I loved the most that has now graced many of our blog posts :).  I was so pleased I looked to Dan in excitement only to see he had been taking photos of us the whole time.  His Spanish is great so whenever I would get stuck on what to say, I would look to him with this exact expression like “come help me with a word!”

With my new hat, we carried on.  There were many other things I was interested in like the food and some colorful ponchos.

It seemed I needed one to match my hat and this is where we found this adorable woman who insisted on helping me try them all on.  Of course hoping I would buy them but I’m a sucker for cute locals with beautiful merchandise :).

After settling on this poncho and a blue one (oh and multiple others for family members), we felt pretty good about supporting the locals.  Things were not expensive and the quality is great.

Here I am with a backpack full and multiple other bags but don’t worry, you will see how much I wear all the things in previous and future posts.  I hate to be wasteful or own things I don’t wear and sometimes I struggle with buying things wondering when I will ever wear them.  My Ecuador finds though have become my staples and I just love them!

Secondhand Sweets


I have lately been scoring some great finds through second hand venues and I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. Firstly, where I live we have a handful of great consignment spots and I have gotten a few things for $10-$20 that would have cost upwards of $200 new, it’s insane. Secondly, if I am looking for something in particular, my new go-to is the Poshmark app. I’ve actually been selling things as well, it’s kind of like a clothes swap that I am super into.

IMG_5495(Loeffler Randall booties found on Poshmark)

IMG_5492(Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. bag- found on Poshmark)

IMG_5487(I LOVE this Paige acid wash denim jacket, it’s got a great side zip that can make any outfit instantly cooler)

IMG_5489_2(I just got this dress from Zara and it is super soft. It’s great because I can wear it even when the weather isn’t too warm)

I’m all in for second-hand scores mostly because I get bored with clothing and want to switch it up which can be an expensive habit- but it is a fraction of the cost when I am taking it off of someone else’s hands. Let me know some of your favorite second hand finds in the comments below!

Brands We Love: Herbivore

heb about

My lovely co-worker Bonni gave me a gift certificate to a store in San Francisco called Credo as a bridal gift. Credo’s creed is all about putting the best and healthiest products on your face and body. It is amazing how many harsh and cancer causing chemicals are in everything from your face lotion to your mascara. I have recently become much more cautious about the brands that I purchase and one that I discovered on my mission is Herbivore. Herbivore makes healthy beauty products that are not only packaged in a beautiful and clean way, they smell and feel so good on your skin.  I cant get enough of Herbivore because they have products that make you look and feel beautiful in a natural way.

herb face(I use this brightening mask once per week. It leaves my skin feeling tighter and less red. I can feel it working when I have it on my face and it smells AMAZING)

herb water(My new obsession is rose scented water spray. I spritz some on 3 times per day. Once before I put on my moisturizer, once after I put on my makeup to help it set, and then lastly once before I go to sleep with a clean face because it smells like magic)

herb body(We will actually show you how to make a scrub at home but this one is wonderful if you aren’t into making things yourself. It leaves your skin feeling polished and smooth which is important in the summer!)

herb lips(Lastly, this is on my wish list. This color would look so natural on everyone and I am sure based on all of their other products, I would carry this with me everywhere)

All images courtesy of Herbivore. This is not a sponsored post, we truly do love this brand and would only recommend products to you that we actually use and adore!

Color Matching.


I’ve been into purple hues lately when it comes to nail polishes and lipsticks.  Since I tend to wear simple colors, this helps me add some pop.  It can be hard to get the right tones for your complexion but once you find the right match, you can rock the color combo through all seasons.


{{ lipstick – MAC’s Up The Amp  – Nail polish – OPI’s Lost My Bikini in Molikini }}

Splurge vs. Save

HeaderNothing gives me a bigger thrill then a good deal, that is no secret. When it comes to my skin and hair, I have tried all kinds of products from cheap to expensive and the results are all over the table. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite products that range in price and give you some details on how I think they work best for me. I thought I should start by letting you know my skin and hair types to give you a better idea of why they may or may not work for you! First off, I have what is referred to as combination type skin. This means that my forehead and chin can be oily while my cheeks are often dry. My hair is naturally wavy and dries out at the ends (something I have a hard time managing) which can weigh down my hair.

pic-6(I use foundation every day, along with an SPF moisturizer. I have to say that this Rimmel London BB Cream ($7) works about the same as Smashbox’s Liquid Halo ($42). However, Smashbox lasts a lot longer and isn’t as greasy. I love them both but prefer Smashbox. But on a budget, Rimmel is a great option.)


(Face wash is tough for me because of my combination skin and it’s also super sensitive. A friend of mine gave me this oil face wash by Julep ($28) and I absolutely LOVE it- the only catch is that I have to order it by mail and it’s a tad pricey. I pick up my Clean & Clear sensitive skin cleanser ($7) at any local drugstore and it does the trick just as good as the Julep wash. Both are great but for the price, I have to recommend Clean & Clear)

pic-4(I put on my night cream right before I go to bed. I am very particular about it because I can’t stand thick heavy creams, it irritates my skin and is uncomfortable. I was religious about L’occitane’s Immortelle Night Cream ($70) because it works miracles. But at that price point, I decided to try something new and that’s when I discovered Pond’s Hydrating Cream ($12) I was shocked by how great it works. For a sixth of the price I was seeing the same results as the L’occitane cream. It’s great for sensitive skin and keeps my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.)

pic-5(The ends of my hair are always dry and I have tried all kinds of tricks but they just leave my hair feeling greasy. My hairdresser recommended Davines Oi Oil ($41) and I haven’t looked back. I only use a small drop when I get out of the shower; in fact I have had it for 2 years and have only used 1/4 of the bottle. I have tried products like Pantene and L’oreal ($7-$12) but they just don’t produce anywhere near the same results. Hands down, Davines is great for my hair type.)

I hope this insight was helpful to you. I honestly feel like there are things you have to splurge on in order to get quality results but not everything needs to cost an arm and a leg. There are products out there with a mild price point that can give you amazing results, we just have dig deep to find them!

Going Out?

IMG_1923Ok, this is misleading because I rarely “go out” but I knew I had to have this top in the event that I ended up at BootieSF one night. If you don’t know what Bootie is, good- let’s leave it at that. But for those of you who do, isn’t this the perfect top for a night of dancing to live mash-ups?

IMG_1913(A close up of the sequins- honestly, they will cut you if you aren’t careful. It’s amazing)

IMG_1917(The camera can hardly focus with all of the light bouncing off the shirt)

IMG_1911(I also love the V in the back of the top)

IMG_1918(Pants- Gap. There is a subtle pleather detail here, it adds a little something)

I’ve had this top for about a year and have never had the right opportunity to wear it. Does that happen to you? Should we stop buying pieces in the hopes that we will one day have a reason to wear it? Maybe not, maybe we need to start planning more events around the clothes that we buy or swap with our friends. 😉

Think Pink.

DSC_1878I love the blocks of neon in this dress, I instantly was in love. It’s not every day that you can make pink and orange look cohesive together but I think that the simplicity of the dress makes it work.

DSC_1883(Kate Spade emerald green earrings)

DSC_1886(H&M Heels, Kate Spade purse)

DSC_1888(The pockets of this H&M dress makes it very casual)

DSC_1877I love wearing a lot of bright neon colors together, I really think they look good on all skin tones.

Spring Flair.

Spring Flair

I picked up this white knit dress by ecoSkin a few weeks ago when I was thrift store hunting and I think it is perfect for the soon to be Summer days.

https://www.ecoskincollections.com/dresses.html?limit=30(I love to pair flowy dresses with boots, it mixes masculine and feminine well)


(These fluttery cap sleeves are really simple and keep my shoulders cool, I think it is a nice touch)

Lately, I have been checking out the local buy back store called Crossroads and have been finding a bunch of great things for super cheap, this dress was only $12! Once in a while you can find something that is either new or practically new in stores like these. They are definitely worth a look.

Flowers in Your Hair.


Flower crowns are beautiful additions to Spring and Summer outfits and are perfect for festival wear.  You can wear them a multitude of ways and find them everywhere, they are also really easy to make- we put one together for this post very simply.


(For Summer concerts, we think it makes a lot of sense to wear them with your hair up. It will keep you cool and add a little something to your ponytail or bun)

Flowers in Your Hair

(Flower crowns also look great with beachy waves too!)

We love this ultra feminine trend, it reminds us of being a kid and hope it stays around for a long while!