Cocktail Couture.

Cocktail CoutureNotice a theme lately? I have been loving my cocktails and cocktail dresses. Any excuse I can find to dress up, I will use! Even as I write this post, I am sitting on the couch with a pint of Rocky Road in my hand wearing a cocktail dress because I think ice cream time should be dress up time! Lots of people opt for black when getting dolled up and I get it, it looks great on everyone! But I found this sequined gem at Anthropologie over the holidays and my fabulous mom got it for me! My new go-to for any fancy party!

Cocktail Couture(Ranna Gill at Anthropologie) don’t do it justice, this dress sparkles!!)

Cocktail Couture(My new sequined beauty courtesy of Brittany!)

Cocktail CoutureI am inspired to host an hors d’oeuvres party, wanna come? Cocktail attire, of course!

Night Out.

Night Out.I rarely wear minidresses, I think my legs are too pale and I never let them see the light of day. But this dress had such a great top to it, I didn’t care that it was 6 inches shorter than my preference!

Night Out.(This Free People dress has such an intricate back, I just love it)

Night Out.(Heels- DSW)

Night Out.(Simple clutch- Forever 21)

Night Out.This is a great night out outfit for those warmer nights but layer on a thick coat if you go out in the Winter!

Dainty Lady.

Dainty LadyI have always loved pieces of clothing that make me feel like a doll, for instance this poofy skirt was one of my favorites the moment I saw it in the Anthropologie catalog! It makes me feel like a princess in it, I just love it!

Dainty Lady(The material is thick and very stiff, it’s a unique piece)

Dainty Lady(Scored these oxblood velvet ballet flats at Old Navy)

Dainty Lady(My boyfriend’s mom gave me this necklace for Christmas, it looks like cherries on the vine)

Dainty LadyIt’s fun to play dress up and throw on fun pieces that make you feel fancy! Girl or boy, you should always find an excuse to dress up!


Svelte in Black.

Svelte in BlackAll black is a look that I rarely turn to, I have always preferred camel color over black. But now I am really starting to feel all black as it makes me feel slimmed down and it’s so simple to pull an outfit together. Here is a look I feel would be great for a night out!

Svelte in Black(A colorful top I grabbed at Forever 21, Pleather jacket from Forever 21, and a necklace I made myself from beads I got at Michaels)

Svelte in Black

Svelte in Black(Cut out heels I got on Hautelook by Leuven Alexander)

Svelte in BlackThe best part about an all black outfit? How easy it is to piece together, it all matches!


Four Scents.

It’s kind of funny how particular people can be about fragrances but it’s true, if you don’t like a scent you really just end up hating it. I wanted to share a few that I am confident won’t make you want to back away slowly from me if I am wearing it.

Folle de Joie(Folle de Joie is one of my favorite scents that I recently discovered in my Birchbox. A very delicate scent that is an even mix of floral and citrus)

Very Hollywood(If you want to turn heads wear Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. This gardenia scent is soft but loud, don’t wear this unless you want the focus to be all on you)

(Stella by Tocca is a scent that I always get compliments on. It’s fresh with blood orange notes, it would smell great on anyone)

Vera Wang Princess(Princess by Vera Wang is fun, fruity, and floral. It’s probably a little past it’s prime but the bottle alone is kind of a gift in itself- the tops turn into rings!)


I think with whatever fragrance is your preference, we can all agree that it can’t be too powerful. Always wear something light and make sure to test it a few times to ensure that it mixes well with your natural scent.

Cable Knit Lux

I love love love cable knit! The chunky sweater pattern is my absolute favorite for winter and I have been wearing it ever since the temperature started dipping. I know most people think cable knit can be frumpy but I think it is a lot of fun if updated with a little flare!

Cable Knit(One of my favorite sweaters purchased a few years ago at Anthropologie)

Cable Knit(Add in a chunky necklace to add a little color)

Cable Knit(Chunky infinity scarf warms up the simplest outfits)

Cable Knit(Love my new sweater from Anthropologie, look at those sleeves)

Cable KnitStay warm and fashionable this winter with my favorite, cable knit!

Dockin’ It.

Dockin ItI love being outside and enjoying the crisp, fresh air but sometimes the weather can be a little windy and it’s hard to plan a cute yet covered outfit. Every San Franciscan knows the secret to our weather patterns, layering. I picked up this light long sleeved top not too long ago and always throw it over a simple cami. It protects me from the wind but is also light enough to keep me cool.

Dockin It

(Joe’s Jeans jeggings and a metal infused friendship bracelet)

Dockin It(This ended up being a great outfit for when we were dockin’ it)

Monday Recap: Trash the Dress!


Our beautiful friend, Francesca, was looking to “trash the dress” so I was excited at an entirely new photo challenge.  Trashing the Dress is a new thing that people do post wedding to really get unique photos they never got at their wedding or where they completely destroy the wedding dress they will never wear again (check out google image searches for “trash the dress”).  Usually at a wedding, the bride and groom are rushed on photos so they can get to their reception.  This was so much fun to venture around the city and shoot photos at some of the most scenic spots in San Francisco.  Francesca and her husband looked fantastic and we picked a beautiful day to take over the city.  Here’s a preview of some of the captures we got.

(Ocean Beach)

(Clarion Alley in the Mission)

(My favorite shot from the day)

They were so wonderful and inspiring to shoot!


funfetti(Dress Anthropologie, Shoes Banana Republic)

I go through moods where I want to wear nothing but color and this dress is perfect when I am feeling that way. I love when a piece of clothing can have lots of color and be extremely loud but still  fun and tasteful. Here’s one of my new favorite dresses and a fun pair of flats to top it all off.